Peter Carlsen - Second Schleswig War

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Peter Carlsen - Second Schleswig War

Post by fw200condor » 11 Jan 2022 10:17

I am interested in information you may have on the early life (pre-emigration) and combat career of Peter Carlsen (born Copenhagen, 27 February 1841) who fought for Drnmark in the Second Schleswig War.

Here is an extract from a letter he wrote in 1876:

"My name is Peter Ole Carlsen, I served in the army in the year 1864 in the 2nd Regiment, 3rd Company,
Private No. 634, and later as a Lance-Corporal. I was discharged in the year 1867 because of a case of
rupture (hernia injury), which was inflicted on me during tough entrenchment and which ruined my future
prospects completely, as I worked as a turner, and I had to give up that line of work completely. I was
discharged without a pension and was not able to provide for my wife and children in Denmark, which is
why I left Denmark in the year 1871 to go to Tasmania, where my good recommendations from home
helped me get employment as a warder in a prison here at Port Arthur, where I have been ever since, and
where I have now become an officer. Thus, I am now an English subject, with a sworn allegiance to Queen
Victoria of England, but I still have a son in Denmark. I have never been convicted nor prosecuted. At
home I was a member of the Danish Brothers-In-Arms, from which I received a xxx farewell greeting and a
considerable gift of money, and I was the founder of Grenaa Rifle Club as well, where I received a
beautiful silver cup with inscription as a parting gift."

Are there any more details of his war record in Danish military archives?

According to this website, his parents may have been Ole Carlsen and Ane Marie Petersen: ... aybe-pile/

Where were they from? What did they do? What were their occupations? Who were their parents?



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