Blowing the Kerch Causeway?

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Re: Blowing the Kerch Causeway?

Post by Peter89 » 09 Oct 2022 19:09

Hikari wrote:
09 Oct 2022 15:19
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09 Oct 2022 10:23
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08 Oct 2022 08:52
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26 Jul 2022 08:07
It is questionable how important that bridge is, besides, there is practically zero chance for a NATO attack into Russian territory. A commando attack is also questionable because the bridge now lies deep in Russian territory and the area is full of soldiers and police forces. Not to mention that permanent damage to a bridge can only be achieved by blowing up the pillars, which require a lot of explosives and / or drilling, neither of which is likely to succeed.

If Ukraine obtained rockets like that, I also believe they'd use them against actual troop concentrations or objects with operational importance, and not against a target that might (!) hinder Russian logistics (in an area which is not even contested).
ain't that complex
What do you mean?
blow it up wasn't that hard.
How can you tell?
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Re: Blowing the Kerch Causeway?

Post by Tom Peters » 28 Oct 2022 17:13

RU claim bridge will be repaired by July 2023: ... ean-bridge

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