1916 raid Columbus, new Mexico

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1916 raid Columbus, new Mexico

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US casualties:
*US Military
*Sgt Mark A Dobbs
*Sgt John G. Nievergelt
*Sgt Joe Parsay

*Corp Harry E. Wiswell
*Farrier Frank R Kindvall
*Pvt Thomas F Butler died of wounds
*Pvt Fred A Griffin
*Pvt Paul Simon
*Pvt jesse P taylor [died of wounds at Ft Bliss)
*W.A Davidson {Texas National Guardsman]
*James Todd Dean
*H.M Hart
*Milton James
*Mrs Milton james [with unborn child}
*J.J. Moore
*Charles C. Miller
*Charles DeWitt Miller aka “Unidentifed Chauffeur” had car with El Paso License plates”
*A.L. Richie
*John Walton Walker
*W.R. Walker

Three Civilians killed by Villas forces prior to the raid
*William O.Corbett
*Arthur McKinney
*James o Neill

*Captain George E. Williams [Adjutant}
*Lt C.C. Benson, Troop G
*Michael Barmazel Machine Gun Troop
*Theodore Kalorke Troop L
*John Keogh Troop G
*John Yarbrough Troop K
*Jesse Verner Troop M

*M. Puche
*Mrs. J.J. Moore

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“Cordova Daily Times March 10,1916 page 1
“El Paso Herald March 10, 1916 page 1” (Home Edition)
“New York Tribune March 10,1916 page 2”
“The West Virginian March 10, 1916 page 12

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