Non -Jewish leaders of republic of Israel?

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Non -Jewish leaders of republic of Israel?

Post by LAstry2 » 24 Dec 2022 18:11

In Deu 17:15 the L-d warns the People of Israel that they may only have a Jewish King,,,,and yet the present trends In Republic of Israel... Non jewish political parties..were .in governing council....prehaps non Jewish President and Prime minister?

Query to Chabad. Ask a rabbi: december 15,2022
IS there an answear to query incident ID: 5857680?
When the L-d Proclaimed that the Jewish People could only have a
Jewish King and not elect a non jew as a leader over them-does this
prohibition apply to both Jews in Israel...and Jews in exhile as well?

Answer December 20,2022
Weinberg of Chabad:
The special mitzvah's that apply to a king would only apply to a Jewish king.
If Jews are forming a Jewish state, they should presumably appoint Jews to rule them who will follow Jewish Law and not non-Jews.
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Re: Non -Jewish leaders of republic of Israel?

Post by wm » 24 Dec 2022 18:22

Any Israeli resident citizen is eligible to run for president.

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