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Latest News On Iran

Post by LAstryAGAIN » 15 Mar 2023 15:34

Hitler and Haman alive and Well
Iran teaches its views on the Shoah
In February 2023, Khamenei's representative to Iran's Markazi Province, Gholamali Dorri-Najafabadi, denied that six million Jews were killed in the [[Holocaust]], claiming that the true figure is around 50 or 60 Jews, and that the Holocaust has been used as a "pretext to fight against Islam, Muslims, and the hijab."<ref>[ ... not-killed friday-sermon-arak-iran-gholamali-dorri-najafabadi-six-million-jews-were-not-killed Memri March 1, 2023]</ref>

Iran's plans for Jews everywhere

Later on, two weeks before the festival of [[Purim]], Khamenei proclaimed that if Israel attacks Iranian nuclear facitilies, Iran would retaliate against Jewish communities in the diaspora.<ref>[ ... ll-squads/ iran-mapping-jews-in-diaspora-for-kill-squads February 21.2023]</ref>

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