Bendict Arnold

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Bendict Arnold

Post by Lord Gort » 23 Aug 2003 12:59

Why did this great American reolutionary and excellent General, a friend of George Washington join the Britsh side?


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Post by Windward » 23 Aug 2003 13:21

For money and his loyal wife, as Churchill wrote in his "A History of the English-speaking Peoples" (or you can call that book "A History of My Glorious Splendid Magnificent Wonderful Graceful Malborogh Family" :D) ??

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Post by Durand » 23 Aug 2003 18:05


With regard to the money, Arnold had severe financial difficulties brought on by his earlier allegiance to the cause. As I recall, there was a great deal of squabbling and political in-fighting with the state governments and eventually the Continental Congress in supporting Arnold's forces. The gist of it was that he and his forces were underpaid or often did not receive pay with the result that he spent a great deal of his own money to finance some of his military ventures.

Another factor that may have played into his treachery was the issue of his promotion. In February 1777, the Continental Congress promoted five brigadier generals to the rank of major general. Arnold was first on the seniority list, but he was passed over for promotion. Most, if not all, of those newly promoted persons had less experience and success than Arnold up to that point in the war. George Washington was not consulted on this act by Congress and he learned of it first through the newspapers. Washington was unhappy about this action and the insult to Arnold. He was concerned that Arnold might resign.



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