Africa's Armies: From Honor to Infamy

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Africa's Armies: From Honor to Infamy

Post by Marcus » 14 Sep 2003 17:09

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I've just finished reading "Africa's Armies: From Honor to Infamy - A History from 1791 to the Present" by Robert B. Edgerton, dealing with the sub-Saharan armies from the resistance to the colonial powers (apart from a short chapter dealing with the pre-colonial aspects) up to the present day.

1. Traditional Africa before the colonial era
2. African resistance to colonial conquest
3. Armed rebellion against colonial power
4. Civil wars
5. Military coups and government corruption
6. Rwanda, Burundi, and Genocide
7. Africa today and tomorrow

I found this to be a very interesting and well-written book on a subject I know embarrasingly little about. Of particular interest to me were the chapter dealing with the resistance to the colonial conquest with information on the Xhosa, the kingdom of Dahomey with its women elite soldiers and the Dervishes to name a few.
The chapter dealing with Rwanda & Burundi was a horrifing read for obvious reasons.

In short, I recommend this book for those interested in this aspect the military history of the world.

I'd appreciate suggestions for further reading on the military resistance to the colonial conquest in Africa.


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Matt H.
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Post by Matt H. » 14 Sep 2003 22:05

Having an interest in the British Empire myself, perhaps these titles may be of assistance to you.


The British Infantryman in South Africa (1877-1881) covers both the Anglo-Zulu war and the first Anglo-Boer war (the Battle for Majuba Hill). It is told from a British perspective, but I am sure you will find accounts concerning both the Zulus and the Boers.


Using recently disclosed archives from the National Army Museum in Chelsea, this title focuses particularly on the battles for Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. A thorough account of the Zulu Wars.


Author of "The Boer War" Thomas Peckanham, in this title, gives a full account of the "Scramble for Africa" amongst European powers.

There are many more at

Anyways, hope that helped...
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Post by Wulpe » 15 Sep 2003 14:37

Walter Nuhn has written two books about rebellions in the german colonies:


Flammen über Deutschost about the Maji-Maji revolt in german East-Africa


Sturm über Südwest about the Herero revolt in german South-West-Africa.

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