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Patrick Edwin Cooley
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Operation Manta

Post by Patrick Edwin Cooley » 15 Sep 2003 10:21



Would anyone here happen to have any information on
"Operation Manta"?

It occurred in Chad, starting in 1983.

Thank you very much!


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David Lehmann
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Post by David Lehmann » 15 Sep 2003 11:41

If you read French, there are few books (I don't own them) :
- Tchad - "Opération Manta" by E. LEFEVRE (Lavauzelle) : small book, photos (92 pp)
- Opération Manta : Tchad 1983-1984 by Colonel Spartacus (Plon) : based on several secret documents, truth about what happenend (264 pp)


France intervened in Chad in 1983 and 1984 in Operation Manta (4000 men deployed against Lybian forces + Goukouni Oueddeis rebels) and again with Operation Epervier (Sparrowhawk) in 1986.
France also intervened on Chad in 1939-1970 and 1978.

The Manta operation started on 11th August 1983 when the Chadian president Habre asked for help, to preserve peace and avoid as much as possible fights between the FANT (Forces Armées Nationales Tchadiennes) and the ALN (Armée de Libération Nationale) supported actively by Lybia and Sudan. Lybia launched several air attacks and sent toops and MBTs.

The French established a "red line" south of Faya Largeau, about 4000 men are deployed with also important air force troops (Crotale SAM, Mirage F1C, Jaguar, C135 F, one Atlantic for airborne commandment and electronic warfare, Transall). Yhe French forces established 3 radar bases in N'Djamena, Moussouro and Ati.

Several dates I have in memory for Chad :

On 25th January 1984 an important motorized/mechanized column of the ALN is destroyed in Torodoum and a French Jaguar is shot down.
On 16th February 1986, a French Jaguar raid damages the Lybian air base and radar station in Ouadi-Doum.
On 17th February 1986, a Lybian Tu-22 damages the N'Djamena base
On 7th January 1987, French air force destroys completely the Lybian air base and radar station in Ouadi-Doum.
On 7th September 1987, Lybian Tu-22 tried to attack N'Djamena, one of them is destroyed by a Crotale missile

A French veteran told me how they ambushed and destroyed whole Lybian units suported by MBTs but usually we never heard of that in our news in France ... French SF units made also infiltrations in Lybia but about that we heard also nothing ... perhaps in these books.



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