Was Napoleon a Muslim?

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Post by St Cir » 15 Dec 2005 11:10

don't know if Napoleon also took that part of the ceremony, but you can ask John K. Lattimer, professor emeritus and former chairman of urology at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He should know :P. You can read about Napoleon and Dr. Lattimer here:


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Post by Tosun Saral » 27 Feb 2006 15:23

The operation is called circumcisy. Every moslem boy must be circumcisied according to islamic conditions. The operation is very easy. There are skilled experts who make this operation. Even in 8th century it was easy.

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Tosun Saral wrote:The operation is called circumcisy. Every moslem boy must be circumcisied according to islamic conditions. The operation is very easy. There are skilled experts who make this operation. Even in 8th century it was easy.
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, easiness is in the [ :lol: ] of the volunteering convert!

I don't want to seem disrepectful of other cultures, but I would definitely prefer not to take part in the experiment - not even with 2006 surgery - unless strongly forced ("or this, or the crocodile" department). And thinking about 1799 surgery (and hygiene)...


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Re: Was Napoleon a Muslim?

Post by buntong » 21 Nov 2010 09:11

Who does not know Napoleon Bonaparte

Who is not familiar with Napoleon Bonaparte, a French General and Emperor fame birth Ajaccio, Corsica 1769. His name was included in order to-34 of the hundred most influential figures in history that was written by Michael H. Hart.

Napoleon's military career presents an interesting paradox. Genius tactic movement is very fascinating, and when measured in terms of it alone, so he could be considered one the greatest generals of all time. As a powerful and fully sovereign state against France since August 1793, should he feel satisfied with all what has been gained it. But apparently not been able to satisfy the grandeur of his inner world, religion that time was not able to make Napoleon Bonaparte felt calm and peaceful.

Finally on July 2, 1798, 23 years before his death ditahun 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte declared to the world-Islamannya before the International. His name was changed to 'Aly (Ali) Napoleon Bonaparte'.

What makes this Napoleon preferred religion of Islam than ever, Christian?

Here penuturannya own which have been loaded in the magazine Genuine Islam, Singapore edition published in October 1936. "I read the Bible, Moses was an Able man, the Jews are Villains, Cowardly and Cruel. Is there anything more horrible Than the story of Lot and his Daughters?"

"The science proves to us That the which the earth is not the center of the celestial movements has struck a great blow at religion. Joshua stops the sun! One Marshall see the stars falling into the sea ... I say That of all the Suns and planets ,..."

Furthermore, Napoleon Bonaparte said:

"Religions are always based on Miracles, on Such Things Than nobody listens to like Trinity. He Called Himself the son of God and he was a descendent of David. I prefer the religion of Muhammad. It has less ridiculous Things Than Ours; the Turks Also call us idolaters. "

Next: "Surely, I have toll you on different occations and I have intimated to you

by Various Discourses That I am a Unitarian Musselman and I glorify the Prophet Muhammad and That I love the Musselmans. "

Finally he said: "In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. 'There is no god but God, He has no son and He reigns without a partner."

Napoleon Bonaparte admired the Quran after comparing with the previous scripture, the Bible. Finally he discovered the advantages of Al-Quran, as well as all the stories behind them.

In a book entitled 'Bonaparte et I'Islarn by Cherlifs, Paris, page 105', Napoleon Bonaparte said as follows: "I hope the time is not far off I Marshall Pls be Able to Unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the prinsiples of the Koran sandwiches cans alone lead men to happiness. "

Some other sources that claim to him-Islamic:
 The book "Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern 'by author David M. Pidcock (1992 ISBN: 1-81012-03-1), in the case. 61
 French newspaper 'Le Moniteur', who wrote that he converted to Islam in 1798.
 The book 'Napoleon And Islam' by author C. Cherfils (ISBN: 967-61-0898-7).

Islam is present not only a majority in a country but also as a minority, especially in continental Europe and America. Napoleon Bonaparte is one example of a successful personal Muslims as minorities in Perancis.Meskipun eventually buried in a Christian Napoleon in France on the date December 15, 1840 in Paris church, but it seems that as something to obscure the fact that he is a Muslim. Similarly in Indonesia, a Muslim Pattimura a great-grandson even said they are Muslims, then all of a sudden became Thomas Mattulesi Pattimura.

Apart from all this, we would have to reflect on his speech shortly after learning the contents of the Quran and before converting to Islam; the first benefit of the Muslims and that both endanger them. Speech is out of the mouth of this great politician and benefit of the Muslims is, "I have learned from this book, and I feel that if the Muslims practice the rules of this comprehensive book, then certainly they will never terhinakan."

The words that are harmful to the Muslims is, "During this Qur'anic ruling in the midst of the Muslims, and they lived under the auspices of the teachings are very special, then the Muslims will not bow to us, unless we separate between them with the Quran. "

* In the Translate by Google translate

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Post by Tosun Saral » 21 Nov 2010 10:32

St Cir wrote:
Was Napoleon a Muslim?
Well, at least nominally. During his Egyptian campaign, as a way to get the Egyptian people's support, he officially converted to Islamic religion and underwent whatever ceremony is used for that by muslims. Obviously his conversion had nothing to do with religion, but with politics.
On the other hand, Napoleon is known to have truly admired the Mohammed and even learned off by heart some suras of the Koran.
There is no ceremony in islam for non -muslims while converting into islam. The only thing he or she must do is to say the following Arabic sentence infront of muslims.
"Eşhedü enle ilahe illallah ve eşhedü enne muhammeden abduhu ve resuluh"
which means in English:
"I testimony that there are no Gotts but Allah and Mohammed is a human beeing and a messenger"
On the other hand circumcision is not a order of islam but it is "sünnet" a habit. It is optional and voluntary. We do it because of our dear prophet's orders.

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Re: Was Napoleon a Muslim?

Post by Bernaschek » 01 Dec 2010 06:30

I do have a few friends who converted -formally - for reasons of marriage.
In some coutries like Marokko or Algeria, this is mandatory, whilst in Mali it is not, but the family may want it.
The friend who converted in Mali did not undergo circumcission, whilst the one in Marokko did, as far as I remember.

In Mali conversion happened by going to the Mosque with the family and speaking the formula which Tosun Bey has quoted in public.
In Marokko you need some certificate for it.
I myself am married to a Muslim woman from Mali, but the family did not ask for a conversion. In case of family affairs I may go to the Mosque with the other man, though.

Austrian General in Egyptian Services Slatin Pasha converted to raise the morale of his troops facing the Mahdi. He did so by simply taking the lead position of the troops at morning prayer.

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