Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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III pataljoona, Jalkaväkirykmentti 33 (III/JR 33), under 21. Prikaati (21. Pr), delayed advancing Soviet troops at Karhumäki using the bunkers for three days between 21 and 24 June 1944. Finnish III/JR 33 casualties were 80 men. Out of these, according to Sotasampo, 14 were KIA, 2 MIA and presumably 64 WIA. Finns estimated the Soviet 313rd Division casualties were around 700 to 800 men as KIA, WIA and MIA.

- After-action report of III/JR 33 between 20 and 24 June 1944.
- Map of JR 33 positions around Karhumäki on 22 June 1944.

Translation of the report mentioned above.
I opened a new topic as not to confuse the Karhumäki fortifications topic.

As to maps, kindly refer to the said topic.


Re: Battle report 27th August 1944

5426, 5. kpk [Unit ID, postal address]

Battle Report on the battle at Karhumäki on the sector of III/JR25 on the period 20th to 24th June 1944.

Battalion sector:
Left limit 200m N of Pekanmäki hill and from there to Hietalampi lake to W.
Right limit the island situated 1 km S of Leponiemi cape, including the island and from there to W.
The Battalion sector width comprised more than 12 (twelve) kilometres

Neighbours [adjacent units]:
To the left: 21.Pr
To the right: Er.P.1.
Battalion C.P.:
Situated SE of Pond 74 about 300 m, at the Kumsajoki river.
CO Maj. Olli Laaksonen.

Companies' C.P.:
9.K on the E shore of Särkilampi lake, Coy CO Lt. Yrjö Mattila.
10.K 1 km W of Hakolampi lake on the S side of the road to Tsopina. Coy CO Capt. Pentti Railio.
11.K in the terrain of Länsiharju ridge, Coy CO Capt. Kauko Inkinen.
12.K on the W shore of Särkilampi lake, Coy CO Lt. Yrjö Laitinen.
Mortar Platoon C.P. S of Hakolampi lake, Platoon Leader Lt. Mauno Koskinen.

Manning of the sector with our troops:
11.K + 2 Platoons of 10.K + 1 MG Platoon : Left limit the Battalion seam, right limit Kumsajoki river at Majamäki.
9.K + 1 MG Platoon, left limit Kumsajoki river. Right limit Battalion seam on the right.
2 AT rifles of 12.K were posted for AA duty in the Barracks area.

Battalion reserve
Jaeger Platoon at the Btn C,P. And 2 Platoons of 10.k and one MG Platoon of which the first mentioned was at the 10.K C.P. , last mentioned was in the 12.K Admin Platoon.
Mortar Platoon at the S tip of Hakolampi lake.
F.O.O posts on the Sanatorium hill and Pohjoiskukkula hill.
Signals Platoon at the Platoon C.P. Platoon leader Lt. Mauno Hietanen.
There was a field telephone connection to each unit, and to the Supply, but
there were no signals connections at all to the strongholds.

Fixed weapons on the Battalion sector:
Four guns of which two 75mm bunker guns and two 45mm AT guns.
One bunker gun was placed on the Eteläkukkula hill and the other one on the Pohjoiskukkula hill, firing direction to Vitaa garden.
One 45mm gun was placed on the Pohjoiskukkula hill and the other one to the left of the Tsopina road.
Linn.K [Fortification Coy] manned these guns.
Also there were 28 (twenty-eight) fixed [bunker mounted] MG s, of which 19 (nineteen) were situated on the 11.K sector and on the 9.K sector 9 MG s. Linn.K posted at least one of their men for each MG.
12.K men complemented the bunker MG crews.

Battalion Supply
Situated at the crossroads terrain of Barracks and the Karhumäki – Tsopina roads.
Ammo replenishment post and C.C.S were situated in the same terrain, also the Sas [ambulance].

Battalion support
Battalion support comprised Maj. Söderström's Artillery Battalion [Rask.Psto 4 alias Tunga Sektionen Fyra, consisting of ethnic Swedes. tr.rem.], placed 500m to the direction of the Barracks from the Barracks crossroads. Their F.O.O posts were situated on the Pohjoiskukkula and on the Eteläkukkula and also on the Sanatorium hill.

The shared support comprised Maj. Vasanterä's Artillery Battalion [Kev.Psto 11, tr.rem.] situated at the Nuoli road crossing . Their F.O.O post was situated on the Möttölänmäki hill.

Regimental mortar Coy positions were situated 1km W of Hakolampi lake N of the Tsopina road.
Their F.O.O post was situated on Majamäki hill. Coy CO Lt. Halvari.

Regimental AT Coy guns were placed as follows:
1 AT gun on the left side of the Radio house, the other one on the Pohjoiskukkula hill.
One Regimental gun [76mm] on the left side of the Tsopina road.
One Regimental gun was placed on the right side of the Äänislinna road.
Coy CO Capt. Ervamaa.

19th June 1944
In the evening III/JR33 CO was issued orders by the Rgt CO to take defensive positions at the Karhumäki line, whereafter the Battalion proceeded to march, destination the Karhumäki line.

21st June 1944
04.00hrs The line manning was completed by the Battalion on the 21st June 1944.
05.30hrs The last of our troops crossed the Karhumäki line .
As soon as the last men had crossed the bridges the demolition of them was carried out. The most tremendous explosion was the blowing up the railway bridge. Also the marshalling yard tracks were demolished, road blocks and hindrances were set up.
Before the last friendly units arrived , 9.K and 11.K sent out receiving patrols (1+8) to the Vitasjoki river line.
08.01hrs The first enemy patrols came in the direction of the Karhumäki – Pintuis road. Receiving patrols fired the first shots and withdrew.
08.30hrs Such houses were set alight that were blocking the firing and observation sectors the worst. The wind, blowing from W to E, spread the fire from house to house. Every house on the Onega shore burned down.
09.00hrs An enemy company size detachment arrived on the Pintuis road. At the Prisoner Camp our Artillery hit them in the middle of the formation which scattered the enemies.
Simultaneously in the direction of the railway a forty-man enemy detachment arrived and was shelled by our Artillery.
More enemy troops kept arriving at Karhumäki, with them even the heaviest weapons. Enemy movement was harassed by our very accurate artillery fire, thus the enemy suffered heavy casualties.
12.00hrs Enemy sent a thirty man patrol to the Sawmill area which attempted to advance in the cover of the railway embankment. The attempt was repulsed by infantry arms and heavy mortar fire. A mortar bomb set the sawmill in fire.
14.30hrs Enemy artillery fired the first shells at Karhumäki on the Pohjoiskukkula hill.
More Enemy troops kept arriving in the town. Among other matters direct fire guns were seen to be taken into positions 800m E of the Pohjoiskukkula hill.
In the town enemies were nested around the Hotel building but the enemy was also moving from house to house in the other parts of the town. Enemy movement was harassed by and mostly by artillery and mortar strikes which hit quite accurately.
16.30hrs It was estimated that there were about one Battalion of enemies in the town.
During the evening the enemy kept importing even more troops and equipment in the town, their operations were harassed. Our observation was greatly hampered by smoke and rainy weather.

22nd June 1944:
00.30hrs An enemy two man patrol had arrived in front of the Pohjoiskukkula hill to cut the wire. One of them fell, the other one was taken POW.
0.10hrs 11.K sent out a patrol led by Lt. Renqvist (1+1+5) tasked to observe the enemy traffic in the terrain of Lumpuinen.
(09.00hrs The patrol returned having seen one marching Coy and eight lorries driving on the road. Soldiers were billeted in the houses in Lumpuinen and there were armed sentries.)
04.00hrs Enemy started shelling Pohjoiskukkula, Sanatorium hill and Eteläkukkula with artillery and other heavy weapons.
Our artillery retaliated and knocked out among other targets one Regimental Gun at the Hotel. An enemy F.O post was spotted located in the hotel tower. The tower was shelled by our Artillery, also the Eteläkukkula direct fire cannon scored several hits at it, the enemy F.O.O had to get out of the tower.
05.00hrs A Jaeger Platoon patrol set out to the town at the Sanatorium, tasked to get a prisoner.
08.30hrs The patrol returned, Pvt. Heiskari was badly wounded in head. No POW could be taken.
10.30hrs Enemy was heavily shelling the Sanatorium hill, Pohjoiskukkula hill and actually the entire line.
Simultaneously the enemy was grouping for attack E and S of Pohjoiskukkula hill. In the cover of a tremendous shelling the enemy managed to advance in the dead angles in front of Pohjoiskukkula, nesting there.
All over the town the enemy was moving from house to house, taking with them direct fire weapons and placing them in the cover of houses. The houses hampered our observation and were blocking our fire, so it was easy for the enemy to advance all over the town. We should have been allowed to burn down The houses while there was time.

Enemy advance was checked with, it was specially the bunker MG s that did good work. Artillery, mortar and direct fire weapons participated with accurate fire strikes in the defence. The Eteläkukkula hill bunker cannon scored several hits on enemy direct fire cannons . This is why the enemy started persecuting specially this gun and finally managed to land a direct hit upon it, rendering the gun useless. By that time the gun had fired 170 shells.
By this time the enemy had spent more than 3000 shells in this battle using field guns, mortars, rocket launchers and direct fire cannons.
In this attempt the enemy suffered heavy casualties. It was observed that all over the town dead and wounded were being evacuated to the rear.
Having failed in their attempt the enemy torched houses in front of the Sanatorium and Majamäki hill.
14.50hrs 11.K CO Capt. Kauko Taskinen fell, hit by a sniper bullet. He was replaced as the CO by the 12.K CO Lt. Yrjö Laitinen and as the new 12.K CO was posted Kaino Hemmilä.
Enemies kept still trickling in the town from the directions of the Pintuis road and the railway line.
The enemy kept advancing toward Pohjoiskukkula hill via the Vitsajoki river valley.
18.00hrs The enemy launched an tremendously intense shelling. The shelling was so heavy that the well made trenches collapsed.
Immediately, while the shelling was still partly going on, the enemy attacked against the trenches below the Sanatorium hill and managed to break into the trench. There the enemy took out with satchel charges two sentries in one weapons nest.
The Platoon on the Sanatorium hill withdrew from their positions. Immediately our artillery and mortars shelled the stronghold and with a quick counterstrike the positions were re-manned. During the situation Lt. Mattila was slightly wounded by splinters in one leg and upper arm, whereafter Lt. Koponen assumed the command of the Coy.

21.00hrs Enemy launched a very intense heavy weapons fire concentration at Eteläkukkula hill, the Barracks area and Sanatorium hill, specially the direct fire weapons fire was intense.
Simultaneously the enemy was moving about very lively in front of our positions without seriously attempting to attack.

23rd June 1944:
All the night the enemy was continuously carrying out intense harassment shelling of the Battalion sector and their infantry was moving about in the town, pressing forward house by house in the cover of the smoke. [It was the shortest night of the year, tr.rem] .
This went on during all AM.
Enemy movement was interfered with using all weapons.
The men were getting somewhat fatigued due to bad weather and under constant heavy pressure. The concrete dugouts were unusable for accommodation because the heating ovens did not have any draft to eject the smoke, so the dugouts remained damp. [When it is warmer outside than inside of a building, a flue is full of relatively cold air which blocks it, tr.rem]
The men were constantly in the drenches due to the thin manning.
13.00hrs For the first time enemy a/c were reconnoitring, dropping some bombs.
12.00-14.00hrs Our patrols were constantly active E of Möttölä hill beyond Vitasjoki river and also there more lively enemy movement was detected.
16.00hrs At the left seam of the Battalion some 200 enemies were spotted in the course of bivouacking 600m N of Pakanmäki hill. Our artillery scattered the bivouacking detachment.
In the course of the afternoon the enemy was lively moving about at the Hotel terrain, we spotted some ten horses and six field guns being set in position. Our artillery harassed the enemy action.
19.00hrs Enemy raided with 10 to 15 ground attack a/c the Barracks area and Eteläkukkula hill. This intense strafing raid lasted about one hour. Simultaneously the enemy launched another intense shelling with artillery, mortars, rocket launchers and direct fire guns in the directions of Sanatorium, Äänislinna road and Eteläkukkula hill. The fire concentration was heavier than the preceding shellings, the result was that trenches cut in rock were filled with macadam and revetted trenches collapsed, at places totally.
During this intense preparation the enemy launched an attack with a force of at least two Battalions in the directions of Sanatorium hill and Äänislinna road. Our troops carried out heavy resistance and many a man fell in their positions. In the MG bunkers the men kept firing until they were about to faint due to gunpowder gases [carbon monoxide, tr.rem.], there was no one to turn the ventilator cranks because the manning was already sparse.
20.10hrs After hard fighting the enemy managed to break in our line at the Sanatorium hill.
The Battalion Jaeger Platoon was issued an order to launch a counterstrike immediately and the Platoon started advancing from the N perimeter of the timber yard in the direction of the Sanatorium hill but in the meanwhile the enemy had advanced up to the middle of the timber yard and the Jaeger Platoon was unable to proceed, so they stayed in positions in the N perimeter of the timber yard.
20.20hrs Capt. Railio was issued orders to launch a counterstrike at the Sanatorium hill slope but the order was cancelled as soon as it was learned that the enemy had effected a complete breakthrough between the Äänislinna road and the Sanatorium hill, and advancing in the direction of the Äänislinna road.
Immediately also 1./JR33 CO Capt. Vierto was ordered to launch a counterstrike.
Capt. Railio was also ordered to cut off with his detachment (2+8+47) [Probably what was left of his Company, tr.rem]the Äänislinna road at the S tip of Kasarmilampi pond and liaise with the Eteläkukkula hill. The enemy had advanced in the cover of the railway embankment and was now climbing up the Eteläkukkula hill, another enemy detachment was approaching from North.
21.30hrs Capt. Railio managed to cut off the Äänislinna road . Then Capt. Railio noticed that there were about 200 enemies between the Eteläkukkula hill and Kasarmilampi pond and about one hundred more on each flank of his outfit. Therefore Capt. Railio considered it best to pull back his outfit in the direction of Koivulampi lake.
22.00hrs Capt. Vierto's Coy + part of 9.K and 12.K men launched a counterstrike after fire preparation in the direction of the Kasarmilampi – Tsopina road and made it 150m short of the barracks. There their attack stalled due to extremely heavy enemy fire. 1.K returned to their own Battalion.
23.00hrs Regimental Jaeger Platoon arrived, joining the Battalion Jaeger Platoon and this outfit, reinforced with a Heavy Mortar F.O.O was immediately tasked to relaunch a counterstrike on the Sanatorium hill along the ridges S of Kumsajoki river. The extremely intense enemy resistance, however, made their advance stall after 300 meters and the Jaegers remained in position there. Soon after that, by the order of the Rgt CO, the Regimental Jaeger Platoon was pulled back.
23.00hrs Capt. Railio sent out a patrol (1+2) tasked to find out how deep in the direction of the Äänislinna road the enemy had advanced.

24th June 1944:
02.00hrs The above-mentioned patrol returned and they had found out that the enemy was advancing S with a force of about one Battalion, elements of which had already crossed the railway line about 6 km S of Karhumäki.
Next Capt. Railio pulled back his detachment to the previous bivouac at the Battalion supply.
03.00hrs About ten enemy ground attack a/c strafed the Battalion supply and artillery positions.
04.00hrs Order to disengage was issued by the Rgt CO and the Btn rallying point was defined to be Keltavaara .
08.00hrs The disengaging order was relayed to the units and the D hour was to be at 0900hrs.
11.K posted as securing outfit one Platoon at the tip of the Western ridge. Lt. Kirkkala posted a small securing outfit at the Vitsajoki line.
09.00hrs Disengaging was successful. The securing outfits + Jaeger Platoon disengaged at 0930hrs.
The 11.K securing outfit was to stay in positions on the hill in the area Pond 74 – Hakalampi lake (altitude mark 110). However the enemy had forced a breakthrough on the 21.Pr sector and had managed to bite into the Karhumäki – Tsopina road before the Kumsajoki river bridge.
Our troops attempted to beat the enemy blocking the road but failed , because the enemy had dug in with great forces. That is why all of 11.k, Mortar Platoon, Jaeger Platoon and Btn HQ had to swim across Kumsajoki river.
10.30hrs Capt. Railio was issued orders by Rgt CO to act as the CO of the reception outfit. The positions were on the isthmus between the W shore of lake Kolijärvi and Tyynijärvi.
Capt. Railio was subordinated the following outfits:
Capt. Suominen's Coy 6./JR33, one and a half MG platoon of 8./JR33, one Sapper Platoon, one AT gun Platoon, one Regimental Gun and II , III, IV Platoons of 10./JR33. Included were also the Artillery and Mortar F.O.O.s.
11.00hrs The reception line was manned.
11.20hrs Enemy attacked the line with a force of one Coy but was repulsed.
15.30hrs Rgt order to withdraw from the reception line positions was received.
10.K was shipped on lorries to Keltavaara.
18.00hrs The last elements of the Battalion arrived at Keltavaara where the Battalion was assembled and bivouacked.

The Battalion casualties during the battle at Karhumäki comprised 80 men.
The enemy during the entire battle was the entire Soviet 313. Division. Enemy casualties are estimated to be 700 to 800 men.

Signed by:
III/JR33 CO Maj. O. Laaksonen
Messenger officer deputy Y. Mattila [The author of the report]

There is more to come: War diaries of 9.K, 10. K, 11.K and more.

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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III/JR33 fallen listed in the War dead database:

Nuutinen, Kalle Pekka ;Sotamies ;17.07.1922 Kiuruvesi ;22.06.1944 Karhumäki ;21 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, III pataljoona ; KIA; Buried: Kiuruvesi; Farmer

Tynkkynen, Einar/Einari Joh. ;;27.04.1918 Sääminki ;24.06.1944 ;26 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, III pataljoona ; MIA, declared dead ; gravestone in Savonlinna, Talvisalo ;farmer's son

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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11537 spk 9.K JR33
Standard war diary template, readable handwriting

18.00hrs Order issued: Coy to be in marching readiness at 2300hrs.
Coy CO summoned to Btn HQ and further to terrain reconnoitring in Karhumäki.
22.45hrs Forward part of Coy marching led by Lt. Koponen.
Target: Pintuinen/Pinduis

02.15hrs to 03.15hrs Coy arrived at Pinduis where billeted in the same houses.
12.30hrs Briefding by Maj. Laaksonen.
14.00hrs Coy CO and Platoon leaders for terrain reconnoitring in Karhumäki.
22.30hrs Coy marched to Karhumäki.

Coy arrived and rested the small hours and AM
PM the fixing of positions was started.
14.00hrs Briefing by Maj. Laaksonen.
16.00hrs The troops at Poventsa and White Sea canal were ordered to leave their positions and pull back to the Pinduis line
22.00hrs The Pinduis line was abandoned and next our Coy (9.K) took positions in the Karhumäki line and remained there.

Fixing the positions.
07.00hrs It was observed that the enemy had advanced N of Karhumäki up to the Kumsajoki river.
09.00hrs Enemy columns were seen at Pinduis heading for Karhumäki.
During the day the enemy was moving about in Karhumäki town heading for the railway station and take positions at its level.

02.30hrs Our patrol set out in the town to reconnoitre.
One man of the patrol was wounded and the patrol returned with the wounded.
10.45hrs Enemy launched intense artillery and mortar fire which lasted two hours without break.
All PM low intensity shelling. During the shelling it was found that the enemy had advanced and taken positions in front of our line without trying to break into our positions.
19.00hrs Enemy threw two satchel charges in the sentry nest of our Platoon on the left wing whereby both sentries died, Pfc. Kovalainen and Pvt. Rinne.
Lt.Mattila was wounded during shelling. Lt. Koponen took over the Coy command.
21.00hrs Intense artillery strike at the positions of the Platoon on the right wing. The enemy was moving around but did not try to get into our positions.
During the shelling were wounded :
Cpl. Keskitalo, Unto; Pvt. Kainulainen Uuno; Pvt Friman, Otto.
Fallen: Cpl. Torvinen Onni and Pekkanen.

Intense artillery fire. The enemy also deployed snipers.
Our men in positions were complaining about fatigue.
13.00hrs Enemy a/c reconnoitring, dropping some bombs.
18.00hrs Enemy bomber and ground attack a/c bombarded intensely our positions and simultaneously we were shelled heavily.
After an hour of shelling the enemy attacked with great infantry troops. The enemy broke into our trench at the Platoon on the left wing after an intense attack and started rolling to the right.
Our Coy was forced to abandon their positions.
Capt. Vierto's Coy launched a counterstrike but without managing to retake the positions because the enemy had taken along MG s which they placed in the Barracks ruins.
In the battle fell :
Sgt. Suoranta Frans and Pvt Pekka Saijats (?)
Wounded: Sgt. Ruohonen, Tarmo; Pvt. Hemmilä, U.; Vartiainen P.; Kurtti, A.; Poikela, H.; Kiviniemi U.; Lampinen V.; Solmujärvi P.; Nivunkijärvi V.; Pesonen U.; ja Pekkala, L.

Coy was assembbled in terrain 5 km to the rear where it was received by Coy CO Lt. H. Karvinen.
Coy was shipped on lorries about 10 km to the rear.
(end of the day)

War dead database extract:

Inkinen, Kauko Kullervo ;Kapteeni ;b. 18.12.1914 Kirvu ; d.22.06.1944 Karhumäki ; age 29 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 9. komppania ;KIA, buried ;Mikkeli, Harju cemetry ;
Forester ;1 child
Perälä, Veikko Samuel ;Sotamies ;b.21.11.1921 Jalasjärvi ;d. 24.06.1944 Kumsajoki ;age 22 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 9. komppania ;MIA ;Gravestone in Kurikka, Jalasjärvi cemetry.
Valjakka, Paavali ;Sotamies ; b.31.05.1919 Suistamo ;d. 23.06.1944 Kumsajoki ;age 25 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 9. komppania ;MIA ;Gravestone in Kuopio, Sankaripuisto ;

War diary entries:
22.6. Fallen: Cpl. Torvinen Onni and Pekkanen. Not listed as casualties that day.

23.6. Fallen: Sgt. Suoranta Frans and Pvt Pekka Saijats (?) Not listed as casualties.
Nearest hit below:
Suorsa, Frans Iivari ;Kersantti ;04.03.1914 Kemi ;23.06.1944 Karhumäki ;30 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 7. komppania ;KIA, buried (no location)
PFC Kovalainen
Pvt. Rinne
Kovalainen, Tuomas Eemeli ;Sotamies ;b.28.05.1922 Inari ; d.23.06.1944 Karhumäki ; age 22 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 7. komppania ;KIA;buried :Inari, Ivalo
Rinne, Niilo Viljam ;Sotamies ;b. 18.06.1911 ; d.23.06.1944 Karhumäki ; age 33 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 7. komppania ;KIA, buried ;Eura:
farm worker ; 5 children
Apparently 9.K recorded as 7.K

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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10.K /JR33 War Diary extract, SPK 11540
Standard template, readable handwriting.
Comments on the Company mood imply that the diary was written or dictated by the Coy CO himself.

[The Coy appears to be stationed near the Stalin's Canal, tr.rem]
07.00hrs Reveille, morning routine and tea.
07.30hrs Russki launched strafing at Devil's Island with artillery and mortars.
Coy was ordered to be in standby for eventual counterstrike.
07.50hrs Russki fired some shells at our bivouac area with a 3” gun whereby Pvt. Palonen, Reino was wounded by splinters in the back.
15.10hrs Coy CO Capt. Railio and Platoon leaders carried out terrain reconnoitring seeking suitable counterstrike points.
18.00hrs IV Platoon led by 2nd Lt. Lehtinen was subordinated to 2.K and they set out for Devil's Island as reinforcement.
Weather: clear
Mood: Brisk

06.00hrs Reveille, morning routine and tea.
07.00hrs to 09.00hrs Gear distribution and replacement
09.00hrs to 11.00hrs Road building for entire Coy
13.00hrs to 15.00hrs Weapons cleaning and inspection
21.30hrs Briefing and evening service.
Weather: clear
Mood: Good

07.00hrs Reveille, morning routine and tea.
08.00hrs to 11.00hrs Training. How to knock out tanks with various methods.
Closed order drill repeat
11.00hrs to 13.00hrs Lunch and rest.
12.00hrs Coy CO departed for briefing by Rgt CO.
Coy as well as the entire Regiment was issued withdrawal orders.
13.00hrs to 16.00hrs Training. How to knock out tanks with various methods.
Open formation and closed order drill .
16.00hrs Coy CO returned in the Coy.
16.15hrs Coy CO was issued the disengaging hour which was 1600hrs (sic)
18.15hrs Coy in marching readiness and headed out for Karhumäki.
Weather: Clear
Mood: Victorious although we have to abandon our positions without fighting,

00.45hrs Arrival at the Karhumäki line very tired.
I Platoon led by Lt. Kukkola and II Platoon led by 2nd Lt. Lehtonen were ordered into positions at the Garden sector on the left wing of the Battalion.
The rest of the Coy comprises the Battalion reserve about 2,5 km behind the front line led by the Coy CO.
03.00hrs to 07.00hrs Coy COO and Platoon Leaders were reconnoitring for counterstrike directions and receiving positions.
Weather: clear and sunny.
Mood: Brisk and lively although 90% of the men have totally blistered and chafed feet. We shall defend this line even though the manning is sparse.
10.00hrs Coy CO Capt. Railio set out to inspect the I and II Platoon lines which were fairly well placed.
Coy CO issued orders to maintain constant patrolling in no-man's-land.
17.00hrs Coy CO returned to the Bivouac area.
18.00hrs to 24.00hrs III Platoon led by 2nd Lt. Vetin built a makeshift bridge across Kumsajoki river.
Weather: Cloudy, rain in the evening
Mood: Good

10.30hrs Russki launched a general attack against the Battalion sector supported by strong artillery fire. Attacks went on all day but all of them were repulsed.
After the attack had started Coy CO moved to the Battalion C.P. To be ready to for orders on counterstrike.
20.20hrs Russkies broke in the trenches at the Sanatorium hill.
20.22hrs Coy CO was issued orders to push back the Russkies and the Sanatorium hill was to be retaken at any cost.
21.05hrs Coy (II + III + AT squad) on the Sanatorium hill and the stronghold was again ours.
Two Squads of III Platoon stayed there as reinforcement.
The Coy had hurried running the distance covering more than three kilometres and having grouped while running at once attacked the Sanatorium hill and the trenches.
PFC Lokkola, Ludvig *[Not listed in the War dead database]
PFC Hepo-oja, Voitto
Sgt. Auniola, Matti
PFC Trumstedt, Matti
Pvt. Vesa, Tuomas
Pvt. Lohvansuu, Onni

Coy CO received thanks of the Battalion CO for quick, brisk and brave action for the entire Company.
Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Brisk and carefree although some of us had to make the supreme sacrifice for the Fatherland.

00.00hrs to 12.00hrs Enemy shelling at the Coy sector went on all night while Russkies attempted to attack.
12.00hrs to 14.00hrs The patrol sent out from Lt. Keikkala's stronghold, strength 1+2, suddenly met Russkies head-on and in the ensuing skirmish Cpl. Hirvivuori, Sakari fell and PFC Ropponen, Alpo and Pvt. Vento, Anton were wounded.
18.30hrs Russki launched a heavy attack against the Battalion sector supported by ground attack a/c, fighter a/c and intense constant artillery and mortar shelling.
The focal point was at the 9.K sector on the Sanatorium Hill.
19.10hrs Russki managed to break into the trenches at Sanatorium Hill and began to work it into a breakthrough.
19.20hrs Coy CO was issued orders to dislodge the Russkies from the Sanatorium Hill with a counterstrike but the order was cancelled as the enemy had effected the breakthrough.
19.22hrs Coy CO was issued orders to advance to the Äänislinna road on the level of the Barracks Pond and then attack to the Eteläkukkula hill and take it, also to block the road to Äänislinna.
19.30hrs The Coy set out.
Strength: AT squad 1+5
II Platoon 1+5+25
III Platoon 1+2+16 [sic: 56, all ranks, tr.rem.]
21.30hrs Coy reached the road at the Barracks pond.
Then it was found that there were two hundred Russkies between us and the Eteläkukkula hill and about one hundred Russkies on the hills on our both flanks.
The Company was trapped.
Making use of the Russkies confusion the Coy disengaged in good order and managed to slip out of the trap without casualties.
22.00hrs Coy CO ordered to proceed to S to be able to cut off the road in front of Russkies.
22.10hrs Russkies were quite at our heels but we shook them off from our trail.
22.30hrs Coy CO sent out a patrol 1+2 to take the situational report to the Btn CO and his battle plan.
23.20hrs A patrol 1+2+2 was sent out to reconnoitre how far on the road the enemy manning was.
Weather: Drizzling rain
Mood: Tense since judging by the noise of battle Russkies appear to have made a breakthrough at least in Southern Karhumäki.

02.10hrs The patrol returned reporting that Russkies had advanced with great force, about one Battalion, already in the direction of Perälahti bay and Russkies had already traversed the railroad and road crossing some 6km from Karhumäki.
02.20hrs Coy CO decided to rejoin the Battalion since it was totally impossible to try to retake the Eteläkukkula hill.
06.30hrs Coy found themselves again near the old bivouac having proceeded there through terrain to avoid Russki patrols and was issued orders by the Btn CO to wait for the disengaging of the rest of the Battalion in receiving positions.
I and IV Platoons in the meanwhile had been engaging the enemy at the Garden, repelling enemy attacks.
The 1st and 2nd Squads of III Platoon had disengaged together with elements of 9.K having been issued orders for that.
Fallen Pvt. Snicker, Tatu
MIA: Pvt. Viitala, Eugen

02.30hrs – 05.30hrs IV Platoon led by 2nd Lt. Lehtonen launched a counterstrike on the 21.Pr sector against the enemy break-in and beat it back.

07.00hrs I and IV Platoons received orders to disengage from the Karhumäki line.
09.00hrs Coy CO informed by Maj. Lahdenperä that Russki had managed a breakthrough on the 21.Pr sector.
Maj. Lahdenperä withdrew his Battalion from the receiving positions which were manned by 6./JR33 led by Capt. Suonio.
09.00hrs Btn CO Maj. O. Laaksonen had been advised that the road had been cut off, so he took a shortcut across Kumsajoki river with I Platoon and he set up a securing patrol 1+2 led by Sgt. Sassali to guide the Jaeger Platoon across on the crossing spot.
09.10hrs Coy CO sent II Platoon led by Lt. Kaleva to secure the bridge terrain.
09.20hrs Russki patrol cut off the III Battalion withdrawal road between Pohjoiskukkula hill and Tsopina.
09.25hrs IV Platoon crossed the bridge.
09.30hrs Lt. Kaleva disengaged and set up defences S of the bridges.
09.31hrs The bridge over Kumsajoki river was blown up.
10.30hrs Rgt CO posted Capt. Railio as the CO of the reception position and subordinated to him the troops there:
6.K led by Capt. Suonio
1 ½ MG Platoon of 3./JR33
1 Sapper Platoon
1 AT gun platoon
1 Regimental Gun
II, III, IV Platoons/10.K
Artillery and Mortar F.O. Teams
11.00hrs Defence line had been organized.
11.20hrs Enemy attack with a force of about one Coy was repulsed.
11.30hrs to 15.00hrs Men of 11.K and Jaeger Platoon started arriving across Kumsajoki river. They had become separated from their units and panic-stricken.
15.00hrs I Platoon arrived at the road.
15.30hrs Coy CO received orders to disengage.
16.10hrs The subordinated troops disengaged.
16.20hrs 10.K disengaged unnoticed by Russki.
16.30hrs Coy was transported by lorries to Keltavaara and bivouacked there
17.30hrs Coy CO briefed by Rgt CO whereby he received thanks for the brisk action and the high fighting spirit of the Company.
19.00hrs Coy Roll Call was carried out. It was found that the following men were missing:
MIA at Karhumäki on the 24th June 1944:
Sgt. Sassali, Fredrik *
Pvt. Ruikka, Pekka *
Pvt. Heikkinen, Algot *?
[These three names are not listed in the War dead database.
The most likely explanation is that these men were rescued but the Coy Sarge was not informed]

23.50hrs Coy was getting ready to be shipped to Mäntyselkä by lorries.
Weather: The entire day had been very cool and rainy. The men were drenched and cold.
Mood: Despite the fact that we were wet to the skin the fighting spirit was good. II Platoon lads said: If only Russki would attack, we would get a chance to warm our hands on the LMG barrel.
The thanks by the Rgt CO was of great significance, it boosted our confidence and energy.

(End of a long day !)

War dead database extracts:

Hepo-Oja, Vaito Johannes ;Sotamies ;b. 08.06.1910 ; d. 23.06.1944 Karhumäki ; age 34 Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 8. komppania ; KIA ;buried at Siikalatva, Rantsila ;Labourer

Snicker, Taavetti ;Sotamies ; b.31.12.1918 Nurmes ; d.23.06.1944 Karhumäki ; age 25
Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 8. komppania ;KIA ;buried at Nurmes; Farmer

Viitala, Eugen ;Sotamies ;b 22.04.1922 Kuolajärvi ;d 24.06.1944 ; Age 22 ;
Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 8. komppania ; MIA ; Memorial in Salla: Farmer's son

[The Coy number is wrong in the database]

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

Post by Lotvonen » 28 Mar 2024 06:23

11.K/JR33 war diary extract
SPK 11543

22.15hrs Coy departed from Pinduis, marching for the Karhumäki line.
Btn Sector: Vitsajoki river incl. Leponiemi cape.
Coy sector: Btn left limit – Kumsajoki river.
9.K on the right, 21.Pr on the left.

16.00hrs Withdrawal from the Poventsa sector, delaying to Karhumäki.
Russki did not press on us.
10.K took over with two Platoons the Vitsajärvi sector so 11.K took over the sector Vitsa Gardens – Kumsajoki river.

09.00hrs The first Russkies spotted in Karhumäki.
12.00hrs (Enemy) columns and outfits in closed order started arriving. They were scattered by our artillery. Sgt. Tiihonen took a prisoner in front of Pohjoiskukkula hill.

12.00hrs Enemy launched an intense attack between Pohjoiskukkula hill and the river.
Enemy took considerable losses by the concentrated fire of all of our arms and the attack stalled.
Men who distinguished themselves:
Pvt. Rytilahti, Pvt. Mäkipuro, Cpl. Nikkola, Cpl. Lausanen.
Of I Platoon 1+1+8 patrol led by Lt. Renqvist was sent to Lumpuis . During the mission PFC. O. Mykkänen was noticed for his brisk action.
15.00hrs I Platoon was sent as reinforcement to Pohjoiskukkula hill and in the battle distinguished themselves PFC O. Mykkänen, Pvt. A. Ylianttila.
Fallen: Coy CO Capt. Kauko Inkinen, on Pohjoiskukkula Hill he took an explosive bullet above his left eye.
Wounded: Lt. Korpilähde, at a bunker door by shell explosion pressure wave.
Lt. Renqvist slightly on chest by a shell (splinter).
Also 1 NCO and 8 men wounded.
It was difficult to determine the enemy casualties exactly but taking into account direct shell hits upon closed formations and horse pulled gun teams they must have been considerable.
Lt. Kapanen of Linn.K was the temporary Coy CO until 1900hrs as the 12./JR33 CO Lt. Y. Laitinen took the Coy in his command.
The men in Pohjoiskukkula hill were very nervous and tired.
I reorganized the defence and took the command firmly in my hands.
Pvt. Kaikkonen (returned in the evening)
Pvt. Laine (wounded by a/c on the road)
Pvt. Kuusinen (returned in the evening)

In the morning the enemy launched an intense attack on the 9.K sector at Eteläkukkula hill and the Äänislinna road and made a break-in, was beaten back.
For the first time enemy ground attack a/c deployed. A break-in effected at the Sport Hall, it was limited by a counterstrike.
Action seen also on Pohjoiskukkula hill, wounded 1+2.
Weather was rainy, the dugouts poor except on Pohjoiskukkula hill where the bunkers are cold since not one stove drew the smoke out. So it was next to impossible to get any rest.
The trenches hewn in the rock were blocked by shell hits.
Domed MG nests proved to be excellent.

Rain. Preparation for delaying action.
09.00hrs Disengaged. First the Pohjoiskukkula hill and IV Platoon between Pohjoiskukkula and Kumsajoki river.
I Platoon stays at Länsiharju ridge for delay, under orders to hold their line .
II Platoon on the Coy left wing, they are to leave a patrol on the Vitsakylä village sector.
Coy disengagement was successful but on the 21.Pr sector Russki had managed to break through and cut off the Kumsajoki bridge. The (III) Battalion first had to launch a counterstrike at 12.11 hrs (11.K and I) and after that swim across Kumsanjoki rver and march about 18 km in the terrain bypassing the enemy to the Porajärvi road.
Drunken in the river Pvt. Valjakka and Pvt. Pesälä.
MIA Pvt. Elo and Pvt. Kiljunen Tauno.
Wounded Pv. A. Hirvonen
Coy found in the forest a badly wounded I Btn man and took him along.
Considerable amount of material was lost, mostly when crossing the river.
The Battalion was assembled at Keltavaara.

In the night lorry transport to the Torusjärvi shore where there were some arrangements and R&R.

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

Post by Lotvonen » 03 Apr 2024 05:11

Supplement to 11.K war diary extract:
War dead database extract:

Inkinen, Kauko Kullervo ;Rank: Kapteeni ;b. 18.12.1914 Kirvu ;d. 22.06.1944 Karhumäki ;Age 29 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 9. komppania ;KIA, buried in Mikkeli, Harju cemetry;
Forester , 1 child

Valjakka, Paavali ; Rank: Sotamies ;b. 31.05.1919 Suistamo ;d. 23.06.1944 Kumsajoki ; age 25 ;Jalkaväkirykmentti 33, 9. komppania ;KIA, body not recovered ; Gravestone in Kuopio, Sankaripuisto ;Labourer

POW database extract:
Elo, Lauri Olavi ;Laitila ;07.07.1922 ;Sotamies ;Unit: 11./JR 33 ; Carpenter ;24.06.1944 ;Karhumäki ;25.12.1944 ;26.02.1959 ;Laitila

Pvt. Kiljunen, Pvt. Pesälä of JR33: not listed as KIA or POW. Did they desert?

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

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12.K/JR33 war diary extract. Standard template, legible handwriting.

+12 deg C. Cloudy.
Gear and weapons plus ammunition replenishment.
12.30hrs Briefing by Coy CO: instructions on the manning of the Karhumäki line.
On the right, the Inkinen sector I Platoon led by 2nd Lt. Punkki.
On the right, the Mattila sector II Platoon led by S Sgt. Korhonen.
AT Platoon is to man the bunker MG s, the two AT rifles with men to be used for AA duty.
22.00hrs Departure for the Karhumäki line, manning the positions and familiarizing.

16.00hrs Disengaging from the front line started, everything happened undisturbed by the enemy.
17.00hrs III Platoon departs from Vuolijärvi and arrives at Karhumäki on the 21st June 1944 at 0300hrs. They are posted in reserve with the Admin ´Platoon.
During the night the bridges are demolished as well as the military objects of the town.

08.30hrs The first enemies arrived in the town area, partly in tight packed outfits. Our artillery and MG fire caused losses and among other matters one field gun was destroyed.
(end of the day, the free lines were never filled. Tr.rem.)

14.00hrs NW of the Pohjoiskukkula hill across the Vitsajoki river arrived a 100 man enemy outfit of which Sgt. J. Kyrö's half-platoon took out at least ten certain cases with MG.
23.00hrs Pvt. E. Komula was wounded in his left shoulder by a bullet.
Due to the fact that 11.K CO Capt. Inkinen fell the Coy CO Y. L-nen was transferred to 11.K as the new CO and 12.K command was transferred to Lt. J. Kulonen.

AM almost calm, the enemy was ranging all along our line with their artillery.
Weather was clear and warm.
19.15hrs Russki infantry launched their attack against the Karhumäki line at the Sport hall. Earlier, for 15 to 30 minutes, artillery and ground attack a/c had heavily prepared the attack.
Almost immediately after the attack had started Russki managed to penetrate our line and continue their advance after getting in our trench system.
In this battle the following men of our Coy were wounded:
Lt. K. Hemmistö, Sgt. Kyöstilä, Cpl. Heikkinen, U., Pvt. Anneberg, T., PFC Hakulinen, T., Cpl. Kumu, P., and Pvt. Kemppi.
On the battlefield, on the hillock in front of the Eteläkukkula hill remained Pvt. Ikonen of the AT Platoon as MIA.
After the 9.K Platoon led by Lt. Palukka had mostly abandoned the line as soon as the shelling had started, 12.K AT Platoon manned the said sector.
During the fighting specially distinguished himself PFC Hakulinen Lauri.
In the evening a counterstrike was launched and in it participated of 12.K II MG Platoon led by S Sgt. Korhonen and the AT Platoon led by Sgt. Heikkinen.

After the counterstrike had failed the troops N of Kumsanjoki river were issued withdrawal orders.
09.30hrs The MG Squads of the Coy started disengaging.
The disengaging was successful but on the Kumsajoki bridge our men met Russkies, that is why our troops had to withdraw across the Kumsajoki river (by fording)
11.00hrs Withdrawal started.
During the crossing of the Kumsajoki river of the Coy AT Platoon MIA Pvt. Suvanto and Pvt. Lehtola V.
14.30hrs The Coy had marched through forest to Sopina (Tsopina) and the last men arrived there.
In the evening the Coy withdrew again by marching to Keltavaara village.

In the night the Coy was ferried with lorries from Keltavaara ...

POW database extract::
Ikonen, Jaakko Pietari ; b. Pudasjärvi 21.09.1910 ; Rank Sotamies ;12./JR 33 ; Forestry worker ; Taken POW 23.06.1944 ;Karhumäki ; returned 22.11.1944 ; died 20.03.1980 in Pudasjärvi

Lehtola, Vilho ; b. Vuoksenranta 22.08.1924 ; Rank Sotamies ;12./JR 33 ; Son of farmer; Taken POW 25.06.1944 ;Karhumäki ;returned 25.12.1944 ; died 24.09.1995 in Lahti

Pvt. Suvanto is not listed as KIA or POW.

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Re: Fighting on the Karhumäki line June 1944

Post by Lotvonen » 10 Apr 2024 04:44

For comparison, what happened on the 21.Pr sector ?
It seems the actual Brigade level war diary has not survived, but the II Battalion diary is available.

II/21.Pr. War diary extract:
(SPK 20768)

01.30hrs Enemy mortar fired 6 rds at 587/1
01.40hrs Enemy mortar fired 35 rds at 588
02.10hrs Enemy mortar fired 8 rds at 588
02.30hrs Enemy mortar fired 30 rds at 588
02.40hrs In front of Kaunis15 several enemy men at work, among them probably 1 officer swinging his swagger stick.
Kuoppa E reported that 20 enemies left the line with backpacks to the railway line and then to the left.
At Kaunis14 an AT gun was firing at them in two instances, total 20 shells (reported by) 587/2
On the rwy line busy movement to W and E.
Enemy AT gun fired at 587 38 shells.
Our mortar fired harassment and suppression at working groups, mortars and one AT gun.
Enemy fired about 100 shells at various points of our sector.
19.30hrs Btn CO summoned to Br.HQ for briefing.
22.30hrs Enemy patrol in front of Kalju, blew up mines.
Enemy shelled the parapet preparing an attack
Our mortar harassed an enemy patrol.
01.00-05.00hrs Our mortar harassed enemy patrol, working groups and an AT gun.
Enemy loudspeaker propaganda. Sending greetings, berating Government.
06.00hrs AT Coy guns have been moved to the rear.
Enemy firing with a Regimental gun and an AT gun.
09.00hrs Btn CO on the left wing liaising with Maj. Jansson /JR56
Enemy harassment shelling with AT gun, 82mm mortar all over the sector.
15.00hrs Coy CO s being briefed, instructions concerning the moving of the Battalion. Savolainen shall stay in positions at the Korsulampi line and secure the Four Roads crossroads and the Sassinlampi lake terrain.
Susitaival shall march via the Four Roads crossroads and Korsulampi to Saravaara.
Lentilä shall march via Akkaharju ridge along the Sahakylä salient via Ojalampi to Saravaara.
15.45hrs Btn shall disengage at 20.00hrs
Jaeger Coy shall be subordinated to the Btn up to Saravaara.
AT coy, 2 x 45mm gun, shall be subordinated
Of Sarasalo's AT coy 2 x 75mm AT gus shall be subordinated
They shall be placed at the Koskilammi lake terrain.
JR56 liaison officer arrived .
Disengagement hour was changed :
2100hrs for the main force
22.30hrs – delaying patrols are to leave the positions.
Sapper Platoon Ollakka was subordinated to us for mining. They mided the Four Roads crossroads, the Posti rwy stop and Sassinlampi terrain, also the rwy embankment N of Lumpuisjärvi.
18.00hrs Telephone exchanges left and the line to Naapuri exchange remained.
The baggage train had started out at 1700hrs for Saravaara.
21.00hrs Main force disengaged in good order.
22.00hrs CO departed for Korsulampi terrain.
22.30hrs Enemy lauched an artillery strike on the left side of Loukku sector and at Rajakukkula terrain. AT guns were allowed to disengage and shift to the Ojalampi crossroads terrain.
23.30hrs Delaying patrols disengaged undisturbed .
Jaeger Platoon was securing.

00.00hrs Savolainen disengaged.
Jaeger Coy stayed to secure.
00.40hrs The last passed the Four Roads crossroads.
Capt. Virtanen arrived at the Ojalampi road to meet the CO, reporting that one of the Coys was to be subordinated to Wahren's Battalion. It was decided to take Lentilä's Coy which was the first one at hand.
01.20hrs CO departed from the Portti rwy stop where he had issued orders to the Jaeger Coy to secure with their main elements to the N. 2nd Lt. Räike remained to secure the Saravaara road at Portti.
02.00hrs Capt. Virtanen arrived to report to CO that the Battalion in its entirety had taken over Wahren's line.
Capt. Viljakainen's Battalion was not able to break through at Maaselkä rwuy station but they marched along the Ojalampi road through our line and were ferried to Saajärvi.
06.00hrs Battalion has manned the line in its entirety.
10.15hrs Jaeger Coy engaged the enemy: a ten man patrol that immediately withdrew when fired upon. This happened W of the coastal road.
13.00hrs CO and Capt. Hirvas went to the Jaeger Coy. CO returned but Capt. Hirvas stayed, sniping at the advancing Russkies. Co returned (to C.P:) and ordered the (Btn) Jaeger Platoon to man as spot starting from which they were to delay as soon as the Jaeger Platoon would be ordered to disengage.
Two tanks surprised the Jaeger Coy, the men bounced on their bikes and rode up to the Haareni bridge where the tanks had almost caught up with them.
The bridge remained intact, not blown up. Capt. Hirvas and the F.F.O team tried to make it to their lorry but as they did not manage to do it they ran away and managed to escape.
The lorry, the driver, one artilleryman and two Jaegers went MIA.
The others made it to our lines.
Capt. Ahola and Lt. Saarinen returned from furlough.
The Battalion had grouped so that 5.K was at the road and from there to W to the S tip of Kalliojärvi lake. 7.K from the S tip of Kalliojärvi up to Patalahti bay securing the W side of Ostanjärvi. 6.K from the direction of the road to Mokkojärvi lake.
20.00hrs The first (enemy) patrol was greeted with fire when emerging from behind firewood stacks.
22.00hrs 6. K engaged the enemy.
23.30hrs 7.K engaged the enemy which pulled back after taking fire.

01.00hrs Maj. Lindgren visited the CP and told us to take prisoners.
02.00hrs 10 men of the Jaeger Platoon led by Staff Sgt. Hietala set out to take a prisoner at the NW tip of Mokkojärvi lake. However, the enemy was alert and stopped working as soon as the patrol was approaching, they returned at about 0500hrs.
Enemy was firing along the road with mortar and cannons.
14.00hrs Enemy sent a tank (Klim) in front of the hindrance to fire at the stronghold at the road.
Simultaneously the enemy was shelling the rear with mortars and artillery. After the Klim had arrived two lighter tanks arrived, staying behind firewood stacks and firing from there.
Next the enemy inf. launched an attack on both sides of the road, but was beaten back having suffered 50 to 60 men as casualties. Our 45mm AT gun immobilized the two lighter tanks.
17.30hrs Enemy attack beaten back.
17.00hrs Our patrol set out N of Kalliojärvi lake to take a prisoner and observe the enemy. The patrol proceeded 3 to 4 km but was spotted, the enemy patrol escaped and our patrol started their return journey. The enemy had manned the entire width of the line and it was not possible to get through.
21.00hrs CO visited the stronghold next to the road and thanked the lads for their good work. Enemy was moving around at the incapacitated tanks . The movement stopped after our heavy mortar fires some bombs there.
During the night NW of Mokkojärvi the enemy sent some patrols but was spotted, they withdrew.

Enemy was adjusting the aim of their weapons at the road.
During the day the enemy concentrated troops at the N timpof Kalliojärvi lake.
2nd Lt. Zimmerman reported to the CO and was posted as the Signals Officer.
Lt. Valtonen and 2nd Lt. Routio reported, Valtonen was posted as the 7.K CO and 2nd Lt. Routio as the Jaeger Platoon CO.
20.15hrs Enemy launched an attack E of Kalliojärvi lake,
The attack was carried out with a force of about two Regiments and effected a breakthrough. The reserve led by Capt. Savolainen and the Jaeger Platoon were orderd to launch a counterstrike that turned into a very bloody affair. After the men in the Kalliojärvi stronghold had withdrawn the CO issued orders to summon all the Runners and any men at the C.P. to secure the isthmus between Kalliojärvi and Osterjärvi lakes. Also Capt. Ahola arrived with an AT platoon and an Artillery F.O.O team.
From the isthmus Capt. Ahola sent a part of his men led by Capt Ristikartano to meet Capt. Savolainen and they attacked starting from the S tip of Kalliojärvi lake to the stronghold on the E side of the lake and took it over save the outermost tip of it.
In the meanwhile enemies had infiltrated in the forest behind the strongholds which meant that Savolainen's counterstrike outfit found themselves surrounded.
This matter was cleared as Lt. Tuure of IV/21.Pr came to assistance and launched another counterstrike starting from the Mortar Platoon positions.
Sapper Lt. Koskinen arrived also and guided by 2nd Lt. Puonti he entered into a stronghold where there was a Heavy Mortar F.O.O. and made sure that the enemy should not be able to widen the breakthrough point.
06.00hrs Capt. Savolainen rallied the troops and finally secured the old positions and also taking five prisoners. When sweeping the rear more POW s were taken, stheir total number was 35.
Capt. Savolainen was wounded in the very beginning of the action but he led the battle to the very end.
I/21.Pr Jaeger Platoon, Mortar Plaoon and one Coy arrived to the C.P but were not involved but in sweeping the rear.
The Battalion losses comprised 14 fallen and 16 WIA. Lt. Nurmi is among the fallen.

09.30hrs Baggage train started (withdrawal – overstruck) march to Kontiovaara.
10.00hrs Main force disengaged from the line.
11.30hrs Delaying patrols started out.
CO followed them . The Ohtajoki bridge was blown up at 12.30hrs and the dam was time delayed tand it blew up at 1300hrs.
14.00hrs Main force arrived at Kumsajoki river and stayed on the S shore where 6.K was securing the bridgehead.
15.00hrs Kumsajoki bridge was blown up.
22.00hrs Battalion arrived at the Plakkovaara terrain. 6.K secured to the Kumsanjoki direction and 7.K to Tsopina direction.

00.30hrs Maj. Turtiainen liaised.
04.00hrs Lt. Muukkonen brought food.
06.00hrs Jaegers reconnoitred at Kumsanjoki but did not find anything. They set to fire the stores at the Kumsanjoki beach.
6.K liaised with JR56 in N.
10.00hrs Maj. Luukko, promoted to Col. Lt. Proceeded to the Br. HQ.
12.15hrs 5.K and 7.K received orders to move to Kontiovaara. En route Lt. Valkeala distributed dry rations for two days.
14.00hrs 6.K disengaged from Plakkovaara and arrived at Kontiovaara.
Lt. Valkeala and 2nd Lt. Munkki stayed to secure the Plakkovaara direction and were subordinated to Maj. Turtiainen.
Capt. Savolainen was hospitalized.
Battalion was transferred on lorries from Kontiovaara to Puujärvi.
Lt. Haapana posted as 7.K CO.
20.30hrs CO arrived at Puujärvi.
Troops bivouacked in tents.
(end of the day).

So the enemy breakthrough on the 23rd June was contained by the II/21.Pr.
JR33 HQ appears to have considered the situation worse than it was, but the Karhumäki line was to be abandoned anyway.

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