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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by Slon-76 » 09 Sep 2010 08:25

Juha Tompuri wrote:
Slon-76 wrote:Really there was a group from 12 SB 57 SBAP. It bombed Mantyluoto, then conducted fight with six fighters D.XXI in area Rauma. But it was two hours earlier.
And one of the bombers was shot down by Finnish fighters?

Rergads, Juha
No. No, all have returned back.

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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by Juha Tompuri » 09 Sep 2010 15:28

Thank You

So - no "kill" to WO Kelpo Virta that day?

Regards, Juha

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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by Juha Tompuri » 22 Sep 2010 19:30

Slon-76 wrote:Results of tests serial SB (M. Maslov + V. Shavrov):

SB #221 M-100 750 hp (1936) - 393 km/h H-5200 m, bomb 500 kg
SB #22200 M-100A 850 hp (1937) - 423 km/h H-4000 m, 600 kg
SB #1/83 M-103 960 hp (1938) - 419 km/h H-4000, 1500 kg
SB #13/221 M-103U 960 hp (1939) - 450 km/h H-4100 m, 1500 kg
AFAIK for instance the SB #13/221 wasn't actually a "serial production" plane, but a sort of a polished "pattern aircraft" for the future series production.

Regards, Juha

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Re: Blunders of Finnish Military

Post by andrus » 05 Feb 2014 11:10

Slon-76 wrote:And now about role Blenheims.
The Soviet command knew, that Finns have modern high-speed bombers. And it forced to reckon with them. For air defence huge forces of the Soviet aircraft which otherwise would appear at the front have been involved.
also similar text in year 2013:
Однако самим фактом своего существования они заставляли отвлекать на цели ПВО такие значительные силы советской истребительной авиации (только для ПВО Ленинграда была задействована целая истребительная бригада, три полнокровных полка), которые в противном случае просто «съели» бы любые попытки финского командования количественно-качественно усилить свои ВВС истребителями.
Slon-76, how much of this defence of bases was caused by Blenheims and how much by soviet fighter forces doctrine? I have seen few statistics for year 1941 and it seems soviets liked to fly much for patrolling over their own bases for purposes of PVO (if they had forces available). For example, on 25.June 139 flights by 10.ABr of KBF for defence of Tallinn (Боевая летопись военно-морского флота. 1941-1942 с.120). This "love for patrolling" may be caused by weak early warning system and little possibility to direct intercepting fighters?

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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by filigranofil » 28 Sep 2014 01:34


on 2. October 1942 Bristol-Blenheim was defect to Turkey from the airfield Belgrade-Semlin/Beograd-Zemun, Serbia....



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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by TISO » 28 Sep 2014 23:05

Was the pilot of Blenheim 1502 that flew to Turkey colonel Zdenko Gorjup ex. commander of Yugoslav of 3. bomber regiment on Petrovac AF near Skopje?

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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by Orwell1984 » 29 Sep 2014 17:37

TISO wrote:Was the pilot of Blenheim 1502 that flew to Turkey colonel Zdenko Gorjup ex. commander of Yugoslav of 3. bomber regiment on Petrovac AF near Skopje?
Yes it was. In the book Bristol Blenheim - The Yugoslav story, the hijacking of this aircraft is covered on pages 132-135 with a accounts from pnar Vladimir M. Uzelac, and nar Dorde Durickovic two of the men who forced the flight to Turkey.

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Re: Bristol Blenheim

Post by durb » 30 Sep 2014 23:53

Going back to Finnish Blenheims, I have found that Blenheim was a decent fighter plane in Winter War. During the period of 20.10.1939 - 11.3.1940 Blenheim gunners claimed 2 x I-16 and 4 x 153. Enemy fighters managed to shoot down 6 Blenheims in Winter War. Kill/loss -ratio thus even 1:1. Meaning 50/50 % chances in combat situation for both sides? In Continuation War the success was less - only three air victories by Blenheims.

However I´m always sceptical with the claims, so here is a list of air victories claimed by Blenheims (BL). These claims should be crosschecked by Soviet sources:

Winter War claims

20.12.1939 Mantsi - BL-106 (Mörsky) claimed I-16
1.3.1940 Koivisto - BL-132 (Mörsky) claimed I-16
8.3.1940 Virolahti - BL-139 (Hammaren) claimed I-153
10.3.1940 Muhulahti - BL-145 (Hämäläinen) claimed I-153
11.3.1940 Kiiskilä - BL-139 (Hammaren) claimed I-153
11.3.1940 Suur-Merijoki - BL-139 (Hammaren) claimed I-153

Of the first claim: it is known that no I-16 was lost to BL-106 (Mörsky) on 20.12.1939. There was an inconclusive combat between the I-16´s of 49 IAP and BL-106. Both sides claimed air victory from the encounter but in fact neither side managed to get a "kill". When I went through the loss records of VVS RKKA in Red Stars 7, I did not find confirmation to the claims of 1.3.1940, 8.3.1940, 10.3.1940 and 11.3.1940. I do no doubt the bravery and honesty of gunners Mörsky, Hammaren and Hämäläinen. They surely made claims in good faith, but it seems that they were too optimistic with their claims?

Continuation War claims

2.7.1941 Valkjärvi - BL-115 (Pohja) claimed I-16
18.7.1941 Vieljärvi - BL-141 (Rimpivaara) claimed I-16
21.7.1941 Petroskoi - BL-137 (Räty) claimed I-16.

When it comes to Continuation War, there were engagements between Blenheims and enemy fighters up to 1944, but after July 1941 there were no more claims made by Blenheim gunners.


Marttila, Jukka: Bristol Blenheim. Taitoa ja tekniikkaa. Blenimi-Publishing 1989. Recommended reading for everyone who knows Finnish and is interested in Bristol Blenheim. The book has decent summary in English for those interested in Finnish Blenheims (also photo texts are in English).

C-F Geust, Red Stars vol. 7.

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