Polish pilots in Ilmavoimat during Winter War

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Re: Polish pilots in Ilmavoimat during Winter War

Post by Rapo » 17 Nov 2018 21:53

Mangrove wrote:
09 Oct 2014 18:00
p. zsunaj wrote: 1 I'm also interesting in airplanes and airfield / air base of T-LentoR 4 in late February / early March 1940.
T-LentoR 4 operated from only from Luonetjärvi during the Winter War. The map below is from a Finnish Air Force pre-war index containing information of each aerodrome, in this case of Parola.
I see that you are one of the best informed guys here - so is there posibility to ask you for help with polish pilots in archives in Finland? Maybe you could send me a PM? (I need every document about polish pilots in Finland I can get, but I can't visit Finland and I don't know

General Rayski decision to join Finish AF was expression of his desperation. He was pilot in Turkish Air Force during WWI, and commander of polish air force since 1926. In march 1939 he decided to submit his resignation, because polish AF wasn't strong enough to stop Luftwaffe. Rayski want's to start production of new polish fighters like PZL P.50 Jastrzab (Hawk), but his superiors didn't agree to give more money for polish aviation. During the semptember campaign he was trying to get some assignation as regular pilot, but polish government doesn't agree. When polish aviatiors went to France, new goverment, created by general Sikorski decided to accuse Rayski. Nothing really happend but Rayski decided to leave France and find new war. After winter war he came back to France, and after fall of France he joined RAF. He was too old for operational duty, so they put him in Air Transport Auxiliary. He was one of best pilots there. In 1944 he made few operational flights in Polish 318th 'City of Gdansk' Fighter - Recon Squadron. During Uprising in Warsaw (August 1944) he take part in flights with air drops for soliders of polish underground in Warsaw.

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