Ukrainian volunteers in the Winter War

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Ukrainian volunteers in the Winter War

Post by thezerech » 01 Apr 2018 00:16 ... elebrated/ ... lvisodassa (UA)

I was wondering if anybody had any links, information, or images of Ukrainian volunteer forces fighting for Finland during the Winter War. I only recently found about this and it is very interesting and reveals some of the intricacies of Soviet history. I understand at the greatest number there were probably less than a thousand of these volunteers and it isn't much compared to the 1st or 2nd Ukrainian National Army divisions who fought under the Germans later on, but I would still appreciate any info.

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Re: Ukrainian volunteers in the Winter War

Post by CF Geust » 02 Apr 2018 09:12

This topic is dealt with in my book "Vlasovin armeija - Stalinin sotilaat Suomen palveluksessa" (Vlasov´s Army - Stalin´s Soldiers in Finnish service), Docendo 2017, pages 58-68. An English summary of the book was recently published in the Journal of new and contemporay history of St.Petersburg University (Trudy kafedri istorii novogo i novejshego vremeni) No. 17(2)/2017 (pages 82-102); pages 87 and 88 on the Ukrainian volunteers see below. Two photos of the Ukrainians in Finland Winter 1940 are also enclosed.
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