1939 Kalastajasaarento peninsula evacuation

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1939 Kalastajasaarento peninsula evacuation

Post by gottschs » 30 May 2018 02:38

I was wondering if anyone had information on the USSR invasion of the Finnish part of Kalastajasaarento (Rybachi peninsula)?

As I understand it, there were 3 East coast settlements called Pummanki, Maattivuono, and Vaitolahti which were taken on 30 Nov 39 and were shelled by the Groza guard ship.

Does anyone know how many civilians there were in these towns and if any of the civilians were dependents of the border guards?

Thanks for any help. Steve

Seppo Koivisto
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Re: 1939 Kalastajasaarento peninsula evacuation

Post by Seppo Koivisto » 30 May 2018 19:43

According to the preface of Veikko Salkio's book Vaitolahti had 400 inhabitants, Kervanto 40, Pummanki 150 and Maattivuono 40. About 400 civilians were taken in February to a prison camp in Kirovsk.

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