Magnetic AT Charge/Hafthohlladung 3 kg

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Magnetic AT Charge/Hafthohlladung 3 kg

Post by MikeF » 30 Nov 2018 13:03

Did the Finnish Army ever acquire and utilize the German Hafthohlladung anti-tank charge? The attached photo is from "Tank Killer History of the Tank Destruction Badge" by Thomas Breyette and Roger Bender (pg. 123).

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Re: Magnetic AT Charge/Hafthohlladung 3 kg

Post by JTV » 30 Nov 2018 21:28

Finnish Army had both SS-HL-handgranate and haflhohlladung 3 in its inventory. They were early on listed as panssarimiina m/42 (antitank-mine m/42) and later on as panssaripanos m/42 (anti-tank explosive charge m/42), but some documents also sometimes list them as klebe-mine (glue-mine in German). Total of 665 was acquired from Germany in year 1943, which was likely for field-testing. Over 5,000 were acquired in year 1944 and September 1st 1944 there were 1,657 issued to Field Army, while the rest were stored in depots and other storages. While they existed in inventory, there is no information about their actual use, so it remains uncertain if they got used in any real scale.

Until starting of Soviet offensive in June of 1944 Finnish Army would have had little use for this sort of weapons. In addition it also had industrially manufactured satched charges available in large scale for duration of the whole Continuation War and starting June - July 1944 panzerfaust and panzerschreck were issued in large numbers. Hence weapons like hafthohlladung 3 were probably not that popular at that point anymore.


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