Question about Petsamo

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Re: Question about Petsamo

Post by Mangrove » 01 Jan 2019 12:42

knokkelmann1 wrote:
27 Dec 2018 01:21
wasn't the company British or Canadian btw? hence 50% lest they get upset with the takeover
Petsamon Nikkeli Oy was founded as a Finnish subsidiary company by British Mond Nickel Company on 12 July 1934. Mond Nickel Company was in turn the subsidiary of British-Canadian International Nickel Company.

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Re: Question about Petsamo

Post by Seppo Koivisto » 02 Jan 2019 08:51

The agreement between Finland and Mond Nickel had a clause, that in the case of a crisis Finland could take control of the production. It was actually the Brits who urged the Soviet Union to demand part of the production, which could otherwise all fallen in German hands.

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Re: Question about Petsamo

Post by Seppo Jyrkinen » 06 Jan 2019 17:24

After occupation of Norway Wehrmacht was some 10km away from nickel area. So it was absolute sure, that Germany would get all the nickel they wanted. Finns didn't have muscles to defy them. London's goal was to generate a conflict between Soviet Union and Germany to get Stalin as an ally.
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