Civilians and POW Executed by Finnish Long Range Patrols

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Civilians and POW Executed by Finnish Long Range Patrols

Post by Mangrove » 16 Mar 2020 16:51

I have found a few references on after-action reports to captured Soviet civilians and soldiers executed by various Finnish long range patrol units during the Continuation War.

1) Cornet Jorma Hämäläinen's patrol from Osasto Marttina (later 3./Er.P.4) captured two 35-40 years old male civilians west of Mai Guba on 7 August 1941. They were on their way to be conscripted at Kotskoma. After interrogation, they were killed silently with axes under a spruce tree. Summarised in Janhila's Sissisotaa kaukopartiossa 1941-1942 book on pages 231-243.

2) Lieutenant E. Penttilä's patrol from Rajajääkäripataljoona 7 raided a wagon and three Soviet soldiers in a road between Perttijärvi-Venjärvi in Eastern Karelia on 3 September 1942. After a firefight, the Finnish patrol executed two of the wounded soldiers. After-action report.

3) 2nd Lieutenant Toivo Korhonen's patrol from 14th Division's long range patrol raided Soviet supply road south of Lehto/Лехта village in Eastern Karelia on 13 January 1943. After capturing two horses and three Soviet soldiers transporting logs, the patrol interrogated them and chose Ivan Mihailovitsh Reva (b. 4/1919, 4th Company of 6th "Separate Air Surveillance Battalion") to be transported back to the Finnish lines. The two horses and two of the prisoners (Pofanov and Mitahkevitsh) were executed silently using axes as they only had additional skis for one prisoner. Korhonen and his subordinate were released by Sotaylioikeus (Military Supreme Court) as not guilty in 1947. Summarised in Kujala's Vankisurmat book on pages 114 and 115 and on an article by Korhonen on Kansa Taisteli magazine 5-6/1959.

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