Finnish Ordnance Manual?

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Finnish Ordnance Manual?

Post by alpinoinMT » 28 Mar 2020 17:29

There seems to be some type of Finnish ordnance manual out there,
I have seen the pages below & others across the internet.
Is it available anywhere? on line? does anyone have an available copy?
Thanks Kiitos
Jalkaväen ampumatarvikkeet 2_p17.jpg
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Edvard Hanell
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Re: Finnish Ordnance Manual?

Post by Edvard Hanell » 28 Mar 2020 22:19

The photos are taken from a war time guide infantry ammunition part II.(Jalkaväen ampumatarvikkeet II)
Not generally available.I tried to paste photo from books but i couldn't.

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Re: Finnish Ordnance Manual?

Post by JTV » 29 Mar 2020 06:53

alpinoinMT wrote:
28 Mar 2020 17:29
Is it available anywhere? on line? does anyone have an available copy?
As E.H. told those pages appear to be from Ammunition for Infantry, part II. It is second of two volumes containing infantry ammunition - small arms ammunition, hand grenades, ammunition for infantry heavy weapons(such as mortars and antitank-guns) etc. Those manuals were introduced in year 1941 and if updated properly have updates until year 1947. Their form is such that they are small folders with removable pages - hence new pages could be easily added and if necessary outdated pages removed.

I am not aware of these manuals being available for download anywhere at this time, but I do have them also as pdf-files. Sent me an email-address with PM and I can email them to you. But be aware that the particular pdf-files are pretty large. Part 2 is about 13.6 MB and Part 1 about 29.6 MB in size.

Also original manuals appear in collector's market here every now and then, but they are rather rare and expensive nowadays.

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