Proposed Allied landing in Finland 1943-1944

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Proposed Allied landing in Finland 1943-1944

Post by krimsonglass51 » 19 Jul 2020 18:41

According to the two links provided, Finnish historian Henry Oinas-Kukkonen conducted a study where he found that Finnish political leaders and American military and intelligence officials discussed potential plans for an Allied landing on the Arctic coast of Norway/Finland to bring Finland out of WWII. Ultimately, the plan was not followed through due to logistical difficulties, as well as fears of how the Soviets would react.

While in a previous thread from years ago I linked US State Dept. documents that indicated that some Western Allied leaders considered ways to pull Finland (as well as other full-fledged Axis countries) away from the German orbit, viewtopic.php?f=59&t=185090
I wasn't aware that discussions between the Americans and Finns occurred.

How was this news received among Finnish WWII scholars and historians?

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Re: Proposed Allied landing in Finland 1943-1944

Post by antwony » 23 Jul 2020 10:40

Can't really help you out, sorry about that. Oinas-Kukkonen is a history professor. But, he hasn't done WW2 stuff before, his university maybe isn't that high profile and the essay came out just as uni's in Finland were going into covid lockdown. So, it's maybe not surprising there hasn't been much response.

Below is a link to his essay in English.

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