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Post by Mark V » 28 Jun 2003 20:35

Antti V wrote:Yeah, but I really do think people does have right to know whole truth about historical person´s life, especially when we know what Törni didn´t do in SS.
Antti V wrote:Or do we???
Yes we do. He never got even near the front when he served in Waffen-SS. Anyone claiming he is in any way responsible for anything is nuts... But getting that to the head of average people, ill educated to the events of WW2 is very difficult.

George Lepre
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Post by George Lepre » 28 Jun 2003 21:25

Hi Juha -

Among the men of the Special Forces, Larry Thorne is very well known. Today, a chapter of the Special Forces Association is named after him. They certainly haven't forgotten him.

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George Lepre

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Post by Harri » 28 Jun 2003 21:36

Mark V wrote:Imagine Törni in Finnish Freiwillige Waffen-SS batallion in Caucasus, August 1942 - if he had been allowed to stay in unit.
Steiner would had had one hell of an soldier more...
Sure, hell of a platoon and later company leader. Steiner really appreciated Finnish soldiers, it's a pity his books have not been not translated.

I just meant earlier the Rokka's words which fits to Törni as well: "Not with the legs ahead, Antti Rokka will not leave like this." (or something like that).

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