Lonkoinlahti, Mantsinsaari

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Lonkoinlahti, Mantsinsaari

Post by kuuskajaskari » 24 Sep 2022 15:08

A week ago I visited Mantsinsaari and there is at least one sea soldier's grave in the cemetery.
26 July 1941 II/4. marine brigade/ II/4. морской Бригады landed in Lonkoinlahti. After the battles, the troops retreated, there were approx. 480 who fell in the battles on the beach and on the island, some probably drowned in Laatokka.
Does anyone know if the fallen were buried in one mass grave and the location of one or more graves.
In the Salmi memorial area, the Lonkoinlahti battle monument and nameplates will be restored.

Best regards jukka

edit. I must correct my own text. Salmi memorial, it looks like that memorial is to the battles of Lunkulansaari and Mantsinsaari. Not only the battle of Lonkoinlahti, I hope it`s now correct.

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