Finnish Armed Forces Flag Day

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Finnish Armed Forces Flag Day

Post by OldBraggs » 01 Jun 2023 08:44

22 years ago, while living in Helsinki, I got interested in Finnish military history and had the idea to write something about British involvement with Finland. Finally, I produced a 390 page book that begins in 1800 and ends the day Finland joined NATO. I sent a first draft copy to the Finnish Embassy in London and was excited to receive an invitation to a reception at the ambassador’s residence in London, to mark Armed Forces Flag Day. So in 3 hours time I will set off for London, taking a completed copy with me, updated to Finland formally becoming a NATO country. I only produced 20 copies of the book and they were sold before I had them printed.

It was a long slog, but there were many interesting and often quirky stories. It will be an interesting day, probably a lot of military people ….. and me :lol:

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Re: Finnish Armed Forces Flag Day

Post by Orlov » 02 Jun 2023 14:33

Congratulations Steve.
Fascinating subject - especially British volunteers in Suomi 1939-1940!
Bestreg Orlov

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