Oesch a student of Lossberg?

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Oesch a student of Lossberg?

Post by MikeF » 23 Jul 2023 15:17


I have always had an interest in the career of Finnish General K. L. Oesch. I dare say that he was the best Finnish general of WW2. With that being said, I have been researching Oesch's professional education at the French École supérieure de guerre (ESG). As a part of his two years at the ESG Oesch participated in several field exercises (what we call staff rides here in the US). He went to battlefields as renowned as Verdun and the Somme among others. My question is this - does anyone know, and I assume he did, if Oesch studied the innovative defense in depth doctrine that was established by the Imperial German Army General Fritz Lossberg during WW1? Based on how Oesch conducted his defensive battles during both the Winter and Continuation Wars I feel confident that he was a student of Lossberg's tactics. Just looking to confirm my assumptions.


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