Finnish related nations fighting in Finland

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Re: Finnish related nations fighting in Finland

Post by Caractacus » 11 Sep 2009 23:29

You might consider reading 'Vaitelias Mies' by Martti Soikkeli as it chronicles the life of a Finnish Ingrian who was first forced into the Red Army and then, having been trained as a spy, promptly defected as soon as he could. He was initially tried at a Court Martial (was in Finnish uniform when he gave himself up), but afterwards served in Heimopataljoona 3.

As I understand it, the first two heimopataljoona units were arranged on a local system: one from the Aunus area and one from the Viena area. There were others who wished to serve, but insufficient from any one locale and thus Heimopataljoona 3 did not gain a regional designation and had more varied personnel from throughout the Ingrian region.

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