claims confirmation proceedure in the finnish air force

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claims confirmation proceedure in the finnish air force

Post by marcdecosterd » 26 Aug 2004 18:20

what's the claims confirmation proceedure in the finnish air force?

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Post by Harri » 26 Aug 2004 19:01

Basically there had to be one or preferably two eye-witnesses (in the air or ground; ground troops reported all seen cases) or the wreck of the shot down plane (or a pilot from that plane) had to be found from the area which the pilot mentioned in his combat report. Flight Leader and Squadron Commander had to "recommend" confirmation and Regiment Commander confirmed kills later based on the information he had.

In some cases - especially during the early phases of war - kills were divided to all pilots who had taken part in the combat (hence there were even 1/6 kills) or in more uncertain cases a kill was accepted only for the "confirmed kills account" of the flying regiment.

Uncertain kills could be confirmed much later too. During the Continuation War advancing Finnish troops found numerous Soviet aircraft wrecks which fit to the reports of Finnish pilots or other evidences.

If there was any doubts about a kill it was not accepted, or it was accepted to the "uncorfirmed kills account". These cases waited for more proves. Also possibly damaged enemy planes were listed.

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