Amazing...but true? part II

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Amazing...but true? part II

Post by Juha Tompuri » 12 Sep 2002 21:56

In winter -44 pilots of finnish LeLv (Squadron) 14 found a russian fake airfield with wooden decoy planes, but with real AAA,at a lake near village Lehto, at East Karelia.
After several days two finnish Morane Saulnier MS 406 planes, flown by capt. M. Kalima and ltn. H. Keso divebombed the enemy "planes".
We finns don`t know what happened at the "airfield" after the attack, and that`s why the following story is fictional, but it`s very possible that the things went like this:
`The russian AAA-gunners Josef and Vjatsheslav saw the bombs falling to the decoys, but saw or heard no explotions. They waited for a while for possible delay-action ignition. But nothing happened. Then Josef asked Vjatsheslav to follow him to see what really had happened. They carefully went closer and closer, and from a distance they could see the bombs dropped close to the planes. At few metres they noticed something written at the bombs. It was in russian: "our regards to the wooden plane mechanicans". Strange, thought Vjatsheslav. When they went even closer, Josef touched one of the bombs, lifted it up, and then ... started to laugh. Vjatsheslav didn`t knew why. He too lifted annother bomb, and then he also knew why his comrade was having so much fun... the bombs were made of wood.`


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