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Re: Jaeger Platoon, Finnish Army 1918 - 1945 Website updated

Post by JTV » 14 Mar 2020 16:28

Just in case of other re-enactors, who need Finnish uniform items, here are some possibly useful contacts:

Finnish online shop that sells both original (post-war) uniform items and re-productions:

I met them in Tamarms (largest annual Finnish gunshow) and their future plans include starting production of high quality reproduction tunics and pants of military uniform m/36.

Antikvaria Birgitta is mainly a 2nd hand bookshop, but they also a have some wool sweaters of the exact model used by Finnish Army during World War 2 in various sizes. The sweater, sometimes referred as wool sweater m/22 (villapaita m/22), was apparently manufactured for Finnish military until late 1970's, so the ones being sold are post-war production, but identical to pre-war & wartime sweaters. Their email-address is: birgitta@surffi.fi

They also have the sweaters listed on this website (of 2nd hand book shops): https://www.antikvariaatti.net/tuotteet/162863

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