victims of communism and NK

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James A Pratt III
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victims of communism and NK

Post by James A Pratt III » 01 Jan 2018 00:24

C span had on 24 Dec 2017 interview with Lee Edward on the construction of the monument to the victims of Communism in Washington DC see which has a virtual tour of a Gulag camp. In the interview there is mention of the books "The Great Terror" and Harvest of Sorrow by Robert conquest. It seems a number of Academics were skeptical of his writings when they came out. Sadly this was and still is a problem with these sort of people.

30 dec 17 C Span Issue spotlight : North Korea on some of their programs on North Korea including books like "The Impossible State' and "Escape from Camp 14"

On youtube there is the movie One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich based on the novel on daily life in the Gulag

Sid Guttridge
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Re: vicitms of communism and NK

Post by Sid Guttridge » 03 Jan 2018 20:00

I would suggest that such memorials have little meaning outside the states except as ideological propaganda.

Only when the populations of these states have faced what was done in their name and raised their own memorials will such structures have real meaning.

Similarly, all the Holocaust Memorial Days and Holocaust Museums outside Germany have little of the weight of those inside Germany.



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Re: victims of communism and NK

Post by Sergey Romanov » 07 Jan 2018 13:36

Both books by Conquest, while OK for their time, have long ago become outdated. Nobody competent would recommend them as actual research.

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