Lise London

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Lise London

Post by Juan Molet » 29 Dec 2012 20:16

My name is Juan Molet Vila, I live in Barcelona (Spain), I am the grandson of Francisca Miret Muste, sister of CONRADO MIRET MUSTE, exile in Spanish after the war civil France and the member of the French Resistance. She was also the sister of Josep Miret Muste, member of the French Resistance, the dead in Mauthausen in 1944

CONRADO MIRET MUSTE has eté the first leader of the groups of battle of her ME (the immigrated working force) a dead bottom tortures February 27th, 1942

I am member of AMICAL MAUTHAUSEN in Spain.

Jose Miret Muste and Lily Brumahurts had a girl, so-called Madeleine Brumahurst,

Lily Brumahurts had her daughter in the prison, by being her colleague in the prison, Lise London.

London reads died this year, he was an activist of the Communist Party Frenchman

I would like to know if a file of documents of Lise London exists which could be consulted, to locate documents, if they talk about Lily Brumahurts, Jose Miret or Conrado Miret

Can you help me?

During his news
Attentive greetings

Juan Molet Vila

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Re: Lise London

Post by Sa74 » 21 May 2022 09:50

Just for remembrance;
My grand father was in Mauthausen; Florisdorf with Josep Miret. He shared with me how important his support was, the organized Spanish solidarity saved many life within the french community. When i was young, he was keep telling me a story of a nasty and dangerous dog of the SS commandant ( Anton Streitwieser?); Josep took care of it; killing, cooking the dog and giving food support.
Your grand uncle is not forgotten;

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