Dresden, 1945

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Michael Kenny
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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by Michael Kenny » 06 Aug 2017 22:21

DavidFrankenberg wrote:We find a fire storm in Rome in 64 because the city buildings was composed mostly of wood. But Dresden as mostly composed of stone.
Maybe he can also explain to us why tanks, which are made of steel, also burn fiercely when hit by artillery?

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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by wm » 06 Aug 2017 22:58

DavidFrankenberg wrote:The question is now : why democratic countries like UK and US used such horrible weapons whereas the war was over and there were absolutely no need of
Dresden bombing, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was a warning launched towards the Soviets : "that's what we can do". A prelude to the Cold War.
You have a strange definition of "the war was over".
Probably more than 500,000 people would die between Dresden and the end of the war. In the battle of Berlin casualties were more than that.

DavidFrankenberg wrote:But Dresden as mostly composed of stone.
It was maybe 50% bricks and the rest was wood, straw, reeds. By today's standard those buildings were seriously crappy. Most of them were built in the nineteenth century. The newer, even those built by the Nazis weren't actually any better.

David Thompson
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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by David Thompson » 07 Aug 2017 01:24

DavidFrankenberg -- Your source for the claim (at viewtopic.php?p=2091419#p2091419) that the USAF used napalm and the RAF used phosphorus in the Dresden bombing is merely your own conclusory notion (at viewtopic.php?p=2091492#p2091492) that napalm and phosphorus just had to be used because Dresden in 1945 was supposedly built mostly of stone, a claimed fact for which you again cite no source. This substitution of opinion for fact won't turn the trick here. You have already been warned about not providing sources for claimed facts, and our readers are growing irritated; as one report noted:
This is hardly providing a source as asked for, does nothing to prove his point or contribute to the discussion and is the reason Dresden and other 'stone' cities burned has been explained earlier in this very thread. If the poster was actually interested in an informed debate he would have read the thread and known this. This and other posts he's made on other threads seem to indicate he has little interest in informed debate but instead is pushing a particular ideological agenda.

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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by wm » 07 Aug 2017 10:14

This is how roofs of those building looked from inside:
their ceilings, usually densly filled with reeds or similar material:
their stairways, usually made from wood:
so the end results of fire bombings were:
source: 1,2,3,4.

And actually it was much easier to survive firebombing than an attack with high explosives.
No blast waves, there were always many places with no fire (because there was nothing combustible there), fire spread slowly so you had a chance to escape, and people in shelters weren't buried alive with rubble.
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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by Rossano » 16 Dec 2019 21:14

Hello John
I refer to Your contribute 227 above
I doubt that Maj. J. Boll was Bv.TO. at Pz.AOK.4. Infact his personal cards read :
1) Jan. 45 kdrt. z. St. Pz.AOK. 4 (b. Id)
2) März 45 kdrt. z. St. OB. West
3) another officer was from dec. 44 to may 45 Bev.TO. at Pz.AOK. 4 (from various docs. + lists)
Rgds., Rossano

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Re: Dresden, 1945

Post by Sergey Romanov » 18 Dec 2019 08:48

I suspect, from previous exchanges with him, that a certain df might be a denier troll.

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