Latvia in WW2

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Re: Latvia in WW2

Post by stcamp » 14 Apr 2010 15:17

This is an extremely complicated subject that is easier to digest when written in black and white.

I am writing a book about Einsatzgruppe A and the German Police. Right now my working theory is that in the Baltic most of the killing of Jews was done by, or supervised by, German Order Police. Especially by a handful of battalions who were the foot soldiers of the killing squads.

It is interesting to me that some of these battalions, when communicating with higher authorities, used a separate network and code then field battalions. They communicated directly with Berlin using a different cipher.

Yes, Arajs was there. More as a figurehead. Baltic troops were used in "Partisan" ops but the actual executions were usually done by SD attached or special SS/Police commandos. Are the various Baltic nations hands free of blood? No. Were their exceptions? Of course.

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