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Re: Search info Einsatzgruppen Trials

Post by smetanin albert » 17 Sep 2020 05:32

from SSO Grauel
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Re: Search info Einsatzgruppen Trials

Post by Puck » 01 Jun 2021 13:15

a bit more about KK/SS-Hstuf Alexander Riesle (*04.05.1908 Hannover, +14.11.2001 Taunusstein)
SS #398280
NS #1512474 (01.03.1933)

23.11.1938 SS-Bewerber
01.09.1939 Kriminalkommissaranwärter
01.04.1940 SS-Mann
20.04.1940 SS-Ustuf
01.09.1941 Kriminalkommissar
09.11.1942 SS-Ostuf
30.01.1945 SS-Hstuf

00.02.1933-30.06.1939 Merchant/NSBO in Hannover
00.05.1933-00.05.1934 member SA
01.07.1939 Kripoleitstelle Hannover
00.08.1940-00.05.1941 Sipo-Führerschule Berlin Charlottenburg - KK-Lehrgang
01.03.1941 to Kripostelle Karlovy Vary
25.09.1941-04.11.1942 Einsatzgruppe 4a/EGr C
30.01.1942 KVK2mS
03.09.1942 Ostmedaille
05.11.1942 vacation and sick
25.11.1942 in Hannover
15.12.1942 to Kriminalabteilung Mannheim
17.12.1942-12.08.1943 Polizei-Krankenhaus Mannheim (Paratyphus)
03.09.1943 to KdS Krakow - Abt.V (from SD-BBl / cancelled ??)
14.09.1943-25.10.1943 Polizei-Kuranstalt Rogaska Slatina
26.06.1944 stil/again at Kriminalabteilung Mannheim
13.07.1944 still in outpatient treatment at Polizei-Krankenhaus Mannheim

29.11.1968 sentenced by Landgericht Darmstadt to 4 years

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Re: Search info Einsatzgruppen Trials

Post by steve248 » 02 Jun 2021 09:23

Riesle came back from Osteinsatz suffering from paratyphus.
His recovery can not have been helped after his home was totally destroyed by Allied air-raid on 5 Sept 1943.

I'm sure the Polizei-Kuranstalt was, at the time, Rohitsch-Sauerbrunn.

He was one of the original 11 defendants in the "Callsen Trial".

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Re: Search info Einsatzgruppen Trials

Post by Georges JEROME » 31 Oct 2023 19:47

steve248 wrote:
15 Mar 2019 12:57
Drexel was not in the Gestapo (Abt IV) in BdS Metz, he was a SD man and Deputy Abt.Leiter III (SD).
Transfer to BdS Metz in BBL 45/43.
In "Das Schwarze Korps" of 14 Sept 1944, announcing birth of a daughter, he was still at BdS Metz.
Jan 1945, at SD-A Bayreuth

Hstf Max Drexel was Leiter Referat IIIA (verw. und Recht) and III D (Wirtschaft) end 1943 - september 1944
and stell Abteilungsleiter III (SS-Ostubaf Adolf Ott)
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