Photos of Allied War Crimes????

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Re: Photos of Allied War Crimes????

Post by Harro » 21 Sep 2023 06:51

It has been well established that the SS who surrendered Dachau we not some poor sods. Heinrich Wicker was an SS-Totenkopf Standarte 1 officer who served at Natzweiler-Struthof, Cochem, Mannheim-Sandhofen and Dachau. He arrived in KZ Dachau as commander of "Kampfgruppe Süd", a unit that guarded the transport by train of slave laborers from Aussenkommando Neckarelz to Dachau to prevent their liberation by the Allies. The "Kampfgruppe" was a scratch unit formed from KZ guards who formerly served at subcamps Neckarelz, Kochendorf and Hessental. We all know what the Americans found in the train just outside de Dachau compound.

Konzentrationslager Neckarelz was operated between March 1944 and March 1945 as a subcamp of Natzweiler-Struthof. Concentration camp inmates and other forced labourers were to built aircraft engines for Daimler-Benz. Production ended on March 23, 1945. On March 28, due to the advance of American troops into the Neckar area, the 4,000 ambulatory prisoners from the Heppenheim , Bensheim and Neckarelz subcamps were marched to the train station set in Waldenburg. It was death march: around 600 starved and weakend prisoners did not survive the 50 km on foot to Waldenburg. From there the survivors were loaded on trains and transported to Dachau. On April 19, the train was diverted to Nammering and combined with a similar train from KZ Buchenwald. The SS guards confiscated food and water that local townspeople tried to give to the prisoners. Nearly three hundred dead bodies were ordered removed from the train and carried to a ravine over 400 metres away. The 524 prisoners who had been forced to carry the dead to this site were then shot by the guards, and buried along with those who had died on the train. The transport then continued to Dachau where it arrived on the 26th of April, two days after the camp commander had left. The SS officer in charge of the train from Neckarelz, the above mentioned SS-Untersturmführer Heinrich Wicker, then took charge of the camp. The survivors from the train were herded into the camp, leaving 2,400 dead and dying in the train just outside the Dachau compound.

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