1945 War Crimes Trial

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1945 War Crimes Trial

Post by PF » 29 Sep 2009 00:07

August 15, 1944 a US Liberator was shot down over Rhine village of Preist. 3 airmen bailed out-one was in a tree.
He was killed by 3 Nazis-Peter Back shot him; Peter Kohn and Matthias Gierens clubbed and struck the POW.
June 29, 1945-after tiral on June 1- Back; Kohn and Gierens were hanged. a 4the defendant Matthias Krien sentence was changed from hanging to life. Who was the victim?

David Thompson
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Re: 1945 War Crimes Trial

Post by David Thompson » 29 Sep 2009 00:51

PF -- According to the Judge Advocate's review of the two cases, the murdered airman was unidentified.

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Re: 1945 War Crimes Trial

Post by ansata1976 » 22 Feb 2019 22:51

What is the date and place of birth of Peter Back, Matthias Gierens + Peter Kohn (all three men hanged 29.06.1945 in Rheinbach)?

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