War Crime Trials Danmark

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Re: War Crime Trials Danmark

Post by steve248 » 19 May 2020 20:28

Reisener on trial in Hamburg, Jan 1969, for anti-Jewish actions in Przemysl, 1941-1943.
Sentenced to life imprisonment.
details in JuNSV, Bd XXXI, Lfd 699, pp 519-671

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Re: War Crime Trials Danmark

Post by George_W » 19 May 2020 20:37

Karl Friedrich Reisener died on 05.08.1991 in Hamburg.


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Re: War Crime Trials Danmark

Post by ansata1976 » 02 Aug 2020 13:00

I am interested in more information about

Kriminalsekretär Johann Georg Fritz Beck (17.08.1900 in Hof) sentenced to 12 years imprisonment
Kriminalobersekretär Wilhelm Hermann Berndt (13.07.1895 in Düsseldorf) sentenced to 14 years imprisonment (commuted to 8 years)
Kriminalsekretär Rudolf Paul Peter Brandt (19.07.1902 or 28.01.1907 in Gleiwitz?) sentenced to 4 years imprisonment (maybe suicide 07.08.1980 in Freyung)
Herbert Hans Buch (29.11.1911 in ?) 12 years imprisonment 08.04.1949

When and where was the trial? Where and when were these men members of the Gestapo / Sipo? Where and when did these men die? What was their SS rank?

What is the place of birth and rank of:

Wilhelm Heinrich Maciejevski(08.03.1908) Gestapo Kolding sentenced to 5 years imprisonment 07.04.1949
Alexander Ferdinand Bernhard Marx (18.06.1905) Gestapo Aarhus sentenced to 20 years imprisonment 31.03.1947, death sentence 14.06.1947 (commuted to life 22.04.1948)
Herbert Albert Rusch (?) Gestapo Odense 14 years imprisonment 07.09.1946 in Odense
Ernst Hermann Wilhelm Wehmann (14.11.1906) sentenced to 5 years imprisonment 1950
Walter Georg Julius Thiele (31.08.1904) sentenced to 7 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Karl Erich Götze (30.10.1900 in ?) sentenced to 16 years imprisonment 1950
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Re: War Crime Trials Danmark

Post by Waleed Y. Majeed » 02 Aug 2020 14:33

Most of the men mentioned above were on trial in Aalborg around 1948. Article mentioning trial and sentences (in danish)
https://www.besaettelsenijylland.dk/his ... stjylland/
One example: Johann Georg Fritz Beck
12 years imprisonment of which it was considered he had already served 3 years 6 months.


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