Number of deaths at Treblinka

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Re: Number of deaths at Treblinka

Post by siwiec » 08 Nov 2010 22:19

vilak wrote: Siwiec, I was absolutly unaware that Franz had published such a report but for me it's another lead to put the total number of victims above the million mark don't you think?
We have Höfle telegramm for the sum of the whole year 1942 and that gives us figure 713 555 for Treblinka. Total sum for all AR camps was mentioned also in the Korherr report (most likely from the same source), and it gives the same figure as in the telegramm. Report Rajzman mentions cannot thus be total for Treblinka in January 1943, and is probably hearsay or rumour, or relates to the total sum for all camps.

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Re: Number of deaths at Treblinka

Post by vilak » 27 Apr 2011 10:58

PFLB wrote:I'm no expert on Holocaust statistics, but surely the number written on the train carriages cannot represent precisely the number killed in the gas chambers, since some would have died en route.
I don't think a Treblinka victim is necessary a person who was gazed inside the chambers.
People were daily shot, hanged, beaten and tortured to death in this camp.
Other died because their weakened body could no longer sustain the hellish rythm of work, the lack of rest, the starvation and/or the sanitary conditions. Some others died of the typhus epidemie, others diesases or suicide.

Considering the huge amount of people who died during the journey from ghettos to the camp, doesn't it make them too victims of Treblinka?
They died en route to Treblinka, their body was buried in Treblinka mass graves then later burned on Treblinka grill.

I think the various numbers, whatever they are accurate or note, count those victims as camp victims.

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