what were they thinking ?

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what were they thinking ?

Post by scruffy » 13 Oct 2010 17:52

what were they thinking ? --
even if they managed to conquer all of Europe , and gain an uncomfortable peace with the world ........there would have been a constant state of war from within ,....
imagine if Nazi Germany won a so called 'peace' -- the genocide would have just begun-- they would have needed to eliminate 99% of the worlds population in order to archive ' peace'

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Re: what were they thinking ?

Post by murx » 13 Oct 2010 23:16

The generation of WW II was born around the time when WW I was over. They saw as first impression the starvation of 800.000 others around them, civil war in the streets, fought by Spartyacus or Stahlhelm - paramilitia, the great depression and they were told to have to all revenues to pay for something they even never saw, in unspecified amounts for unlimited time, probably until eternity. With an "army" not deserving its name, smaller than those of Swizzerland or Belgium they lived also being repeatedly threatened by invasions of surrounding countries. "War" was their normality. They were not only humilated but constantly "re-traumatized". One of the "normal" human reactions after post traumatic stress disorders is to reverse the roles in the act, to come from the passive into the active position, to kill the alleged killer, to hurt the alleged attacker or any, even innocent "delegate" of those. Thats still the way how people become serial killers or mass murders.

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Re: what were they thinking ?

Post by David Thompson » 14 Oct 2010 00:50

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