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Post by szopen » 24 Sep 2004 07:58

michael mills wrote:
I never heard of such organisations, and without proof I will not believe that such organisations existed.
Never heard of Endecja and Nara?
Endecja of Dmowski's, yes; but he wasn't sepaking about lands to Oder-Neisse. He wanted Upper Silesia, Posen, Gdansk, Bytow, Lebork, southern part of East Prussia and some parts of Opole Silesia. Maybe - i can't deny, sicne Dmowski did change his opinion early few times - he was once daydreaming about more, but in reality he demanded only those thigns during WWI. Also, he didn't want ethnic cleansing: he wanted Polonisation made in similar ways as was done earlier Germanisation.

Nara: i know that this was some pagan-lover nationalism marginal group, but that's all I know. Never had much influence in Poland.
Deschner that refers to such an organisation, the "Western March Union" (apparently the translation of the original Polish title).
Never heard about such. That does not mean it is falsification! It means it was so marginal group that today only historians with specialisation in topic of political history probably now something about it.

In both Eckert's and Garlicki's books there is not mentioning
about aby of such organisations, when they presenting over dozen of different political parties and their attitude to the war and program for Poland. It's like quoting today's Polish skinheads websistes to prove that Poles want still Berlin back.

Or to quote some fascist Piasecki (Sp?) newspaper to prove that prewar Poland wanted alliance with Hitler.

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Post by Obserwator » 24 Sep 2004 10:44

Never heard of Endecja and Nara?
Heard, but they wanted Polish inhabited territories to be part of Poland, not Berlin.
I have already quoted a passage from the book by Günther Deschner that refers to such an organisation, the "Western March Union"
Don't twist Deschner :) .He only quotes a nazi justification of genocide, in which a Nazi(heydrich to be exact) claims such a group existed-as there was no known to me political group at that time I supose they used some historians meeting group that discussed Polish tribes that lived in the past at the regions of Berlin as pretext for murdering 60.000 civilians.
Frankly statements of someone named Der Henker are of little value when judging objective historic truths.
Heydrich was also responsible for falsyfing various proofs of Polish aggression in 1939 IIRC.Further proof that his statements about Western March Union are likely propaganda just like the attack on Gliwice radio station.
That does not mean it is falsification
Mills tricked you in a way :) .The quote he has given was of Deschner showing a statement of Heydrich.

The quote :
The instructions for these task forces were, according to heydrich himself, 'extraordinarily radical' and concealed 'an order to liquidate numerous Polish leaders, amounting to several thousands'. Polish professors and divines, high officials and officers, nationalists and above all the members of the chauvinistic Polish Western March Union, which saw Poland extending in the West as far as Berlin, were shot in turn by Heydrich's death brigades.

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Re: Generalplan Ost

Post by bobbyhill » 22 Jun 2008 13:37

Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading michael mill's posts, and I thought I'd say it to lend some support to his lone voice in the discussion. Keep up the good work.

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