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Post by Karl » 19 May 2003 23:48

Caldric wrote:
Karl wrote:The first part:
After reading your posts for what just about amounts to three years (is that possible?), I have gleaned (especially in the last 6-8 months) from them that you are very proud of your country, defend it remorselessly, and come across generally as very ‘right’. I meant no offence.

ot = off topic

And your last point, yes, I will have another look at the whole thing again and this time with paper and pencil at hand.

Thanks for clearing it up, was not being snooty had to many beers with dinner last night I guess. :)
I understand. :lol:
Yes you are correct, I do honestly try to reign in my zeal, sometimes it gets the best of me though. And I always try to be fair and admit when we are/were wrong....

Until next time Mr Caldric.

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