Petar Brzica

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Petar Brzica

Postby Colonel Dr K Prabhakar Rao » 25 Nov 2017 16:43

Petar "Pero" Brzica (born ca. 1917)
was a Croatian Franciscan friar, Nazi collaborator and war criminal. Before the war Brzica was a scholarship student at the Franciscan college of Široki Brijeg in Herzegovina and a member of The Great Brotherhood of Crusaders, an organization part of the Croatian Catholic movement. He spent some time studying law in Zagreb where he became the Ustashe Youth member and later a member of the Croatian fascist Ustaša government (1941-45) and one of the guards in the Jasenovac concentration camp. As an Ustasha he held the rank of Lieutenant. While he is known for having beaten an inmate to death in March 1943,he is notorious for having won a contest in which he used a curve-bladed knife, also called a srbosjek, to kill newly arrived concentration camp prisoners. Brzica boasted of winning the contest by killing the largest number of prisoners - 1,360 people. Some other sources set Brzica's "record" at a lower number, between 670 and 1,100. However the fact is that this person reportedly is settled in U.S and not punished. There are arguments that the crimes committed by him as attributed are not authentic and looks like a myth. It is almost impossible to kill 1360 in a night by knifing Persons by slitting the throats. Surely some massacre must have been done at that time and facts are not clear. But fact is that the person concerned was not investigated. Strange. If this person committed such crimes, Jewish Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal would have been after him. things look strange. Is there any record that these allegations were investigated and the man was allowed to be free. Can some one throw light in this case. If more than one thousand persons were slaughtered by him on one night using a curved knife and if it was true why he was allowed to be free. Has USA done any investigation on him ?
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