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Re: Anomie - hell is other people

Post by wm » 28 Oct 2019 19:16

More, Social psychopathy and Sachsenhausen concentration camp by Eugeniusz Brzezicki.
I liked to talk to the SS men, although it was a very dangerous undertaking. They interested me from the psychopathological point of view. During various unavoidable exchanges with them, many of our professors got their backs whipped or were punched in the face. Although on many occasions I actually tried to start a conversation with one of them, none of the SS men ever touched me. I don’t know whether it was a psychiatrist’s ability to tame psychopaths with just a look in his eyes and the right kind of discussion, or something else, but I would undertake many risky operations and always managed to get off scot-free.

Most SS men were comely to look at. They were tall and sleek, often with a pleasant expression on their faces, but with very cold and sinister eyes. Mentally, they were schizoids blindly following orders. They were unable to engage in a discussion, even though some of them were university educated. They would use slogans and quote the Führer. Interestingly enough, these “best” representatives of the proverbial nation of poets and philosophers, as the SS men liked to call themselves, believed their leaders so uncritically.

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