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4/7/1994, Presidents of Rwanda & Burundi Killed in Plane Crash; Officials Say Aircraft Shot DownMap, Rwanda, Google

4/8/1994; Power Vacuum in Rwanda Results in Civil War, Continuous Fighting, Pillaging, & Massacres; Part 1Part 2

4/9/1994, Phones Cut to Rwandan Capital Kigali; Evacuation of Foreigners Difficult Due to Violence, Part 1Part 2

4/10/1994, French Soldiers Control Kigali Airport; Corpses Litter Streets of Rwandan Capital; No Sign of End to Bloodletting

4/11/1994, Political Violence Escalates in South Africa; Death Toll Soars to 552 in MarchMap, South Africa, Google

4/11/1994, Bodies Accumulating in Capital of Rwanda; Drunken Men with Machetes & Grenades Run Wild

4/12/1994, Sounds of MG Fire Echo Throughout Kigali; Convoy of White Luxury Cars with Gov't Officials Spotted Fleeing

4/13/1994, Advancing Rebels Fight Street-to-Street Pitched Battles with Gov't Troops in Central African Capital of Kigali

4/14/1994, Bloody Pandemonium Grips Kigali Rwanda; Machete-Wielding Gangs Hunt Down Victims in Body-Strewn Streets

4/15/1994, Ministers from 124 Nations at Marrakesh Establish World Trade Organization & Sign PactMap, Morocco, Google

4/15/1994, Bloodbath in Rwanda; 600 Kids Massacred in Church Outside Kigali; Refugees Gather at King Faisal Hospital

4/16/1994, Refugee Column Eight-Miles Long Extends from Kigali; Thousands Hacked to Death by Gangs with Machetes

4/17/1994, U.N. Flies in Food to Rwanda; Murderous Gangs on the Prowl; Belgium Paratroopers Evacuated; Terrible Butchery

4/18/1994, Trade Fair in Hanoi Marks U.S. Business Return; Viets Want Profit Instead of Enfeebled Socialist Economy

4/18/1994, Foreigners Evacuated from Rwanda Report Massacres Underway in Various Parts of Central African Nation

4/19/1994, Clinton Ships Missiles to S. Korea; N. Korea Refuses Nuke Inspections; 2,000,000 Troops on Alert Along DMZ

4/19/1994, Massacres Spread Throughout Rwanda … … Map, North Korea, Google … … Map, Hanoi, Google

4/20/1994, Gangs & House-to-House Fighting Blocks Aid to Survivors in Rwanda; Thousands of Corpses Rot on Kigali Streets

4/21/1994, Life in Chicago's Concrete Jungle4/21/1994, Turkish Troops Battle Kurd SeperatistsMap, Turkey, Google

4/21/1994, Missionaries Escape Kigali; Seminary Schools Had Already Been Closed Due to Recent Executions, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/22/1994; Half-Million People Flee Rwandan Fighting, but Only 20,000 Reach Neighboring Countries; Officials Fear Worst

4/23/1994, Ex-President Nixon Passes Away After Short Illness, Part 1Part 2Part 3 … … 4/23/1994, U.N. Leaving Rwanda

4/24/1994, Rwandan Rebels Agree to Conditional Cease Fire if Gov't Troops Halt All Massacres Within Four Days

4/25,1994, Rwandan Fighting Exceptionally Heavy; Drunken Gangs with Machetes Hunt Down Hiding Refugees, Part 1Part 2

4/26/1994, Rwandan Radio Calls on Militias to Step Up Killings; Young Men with Machetes Dripping Blood Man Checkpoints


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