Did Hilter prioritize the jewish trains over military trains ?

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Re: Did Hilter prioritize the jewish trains over military trains ?

Post by steve248 » 19 Jun 2019 18:49

I doubt very much that Hitler took any notice of the deportation program using trains to deport Jews from the Reich and to the East whether to the Generalgouvernement or further East.
As the posts above reflect the truth of the matter that bottlenecks did not happen because deportation trains could be accommodated within the daily railroad timetables of civilian and military trains.
As Eichmann's section, RSHA IV B4, was responsible for organizing the trains the only time Echmann got concerned when the organization broke down and trains might have to be cancelled having already been requisitioned from the Reichsbahn.
Some of the details of how it all came together can be found in the Austrian trial in 1966 of Franz Novak, Eichmann's transport officer. A newspaper report of the trial at the time:
"Fräulein Erika Scholz, 42, was Novak’s secretary between 1942 and 1944 at the Berlin offices. She told the court that Novak had been fully responsible for the transports taking Jews to Auschwitz. It was Novak, she testified last week, who drew up the timetables, decided how many people were to go with each transport, requisitioned the necessary railways wagons needed, signed the necessary cables and teleprinter messages, and received reports from Auschwitz clearly stating what happened to the Jews sent there after their arrival."

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Re: Did Hilter prioritize the jewish trains over military trains ?

Post by pacifritz » 29 Jun 2019 17:04

Concentration Camp-bound victims in trains were simply shunted into a siding--often for hours on end-----to let 'more important' trains through, carrying Military Requirements.

If the victims in the trains suffocated to death whilst shunted in this stationary position, it is unlikely Hitler, or any true Nazi, would have cared in the slightest about the plight of those who died [they were on their way to Death anyway, in many cases]

Under this mindset, the Cattle Truck Trains stuffed with thousands of victims [per transport] were undoubtedly


Hitler would have been more concerned by a Military Train being sobotaged or disrupted, the fate of a trainload of Jews was of no real concern to him, as long as the victims' lives expired, one way or the other.

The more Military Resorces disrupted, the less victims he can liquidate in the future,---surely his long-term goal?------ his current victims stuffed in trains are simply 'transitionary excess' , and their fates are immaterial to him......in his mind, MILITARY STRATEGY is of top importance.

The removal of many millions of future victims of his Terror depends, during the War, on his strategy of moving resources around, and the most important element here is the positioning of Military Hardware and men , and the securing of as-yet unconquered territories---the present killing factories of 1941-45 are secondary but will continue as 'second-string', perhaps even 'third-string' priority, in the midst of all-out War.

Once total Domination of the Unconquered Territories are established, the train routes can transport many millions of future victims to their final destinations, unhampered by raging War.

In the meantime, the 'deportations' and 'resettlements' will continue the best they can under the current circumstances.

Or at least, this appears to have been the case------?

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