Yugoslav War Crimes Trials of German Officials

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Allen Milcic
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Post by Allen Milcic » 03 Oct 2003 18:33

"(40) Trial held at Zagreb; concluded 28 Jan 1950
Altgaier, Branamir (death by firing squad)"

Note that Branimir [correct spelling] Altgaier was not a German official, but rather the leader of the German (Volksdeutsche) minority that lived in Croatia. He was a citizen of Croatia, and held rank in the armed forces of the NDH.

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Post by David Thompson » 07 Oct 2003 05:52

Thanks, Croat.

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von Klinkenhoffen
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Post by von Klinkenhoffen » 07 Oct 2003 12:01


I am sorry to say it, but you are completely wrong. Your opinion is exactly as if taken from a 1955 Yugoslav history book and uses exactly the same phrases...
Macedonia was Bulgarian and the Mecedonians were Bulgarians. Even when the Notrthern, Eastern and other territories were taken, the "Bulgarianship" if can use this word was kept alive in Macedonia... It was the very soul of the Bulgarian state when the Christianty was accepted, from there started the Bulgarian alphabet.
But lets talk in newer times. At the beginning of the XXth century when asked, most people said they ar Bulgarian /I am talking about official "people counting"/. It was after the Yugo state was invented that pro-serbian and pro-....who knows what started to cut heads whose mouths had said "I am Bulgarian"... After both world wars there were heavy attrocities against all those who tried to say they are Bulgarians...
Let me say - no, the people of Mecedonia today are not Bulgarians /most of them, only a few say they are/. Some are Albanian, some are Macedonian. The grandfathers of the Albanians were Albanian. The grandfathers of the Mecedonian were... BULGARIAN....
And all those words about the crimes and terror of the Bulgarian troops in Macedonia - no truth at all! Communist propaganda which I consider funny being waved in year 2003....

Lovre wrote:
pennywise wrote:During and after the WW2 jugoslavians terrorised today's macedonian people, because... they told "we are not jugoslavians, we are bulgarians". Macedonia was brutally taken from Bulgaria, dividing families, brother from brother, mother from child...
Is this a crime of just like walking in the park?

Pennywise, you must be joking. Macedonian people are not Bulgarians, they never been and they never will be. Bulgarian Army terrorised Macedonians and Serbs during WWII and commited a huge number of war crimes in eastern part of Serbia and in Macedonia.

Just prior to and during the early years of Second World War, the monarchist-fascist regime of Tsar Boris the IIIrd and the governments of Kioseivanov and especially of B. Filov (1940-1944) carried-out policies friendly to Nazi Germany; consequently, these policies led to a military alliance with Third Reich and resulted in reducing Bulgaria to a status of a Hitlerite dependency. On 01/03/1941 Bulgaria acceded to the Axis Tri-Partite Treaty, according to which Bulgaria permitted the use of its naval facilities, air bases, and rail lines by the German armed forces. German forces entered the country on 02/03/1941, and used it as a staging base for their invasions of Jugoslavia and Greece. In April of 1941 Bulgaria was awarded almost entire Jugoslav Macedonia, as well as Aegean and Vardarian Thrace and extreme south-eastern section of Serbia. Bulgaria also co-participated in the occupation of the remainder of Serbia (until September of 1944), while some Bulgarian units were dispatched to Bosnia-Hercegovina for anti-partisan operations. In Macedonia a brutal policy of complete Bulgarization was constantly implemented.

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von Klinkenhoffen
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Post by von Klinkenhoffen » 07 Oct 2003 12:03

I can just add the words of the former president Petar Stoyanov:
"Macedonia is the most romantic page of the Bulgarian history..."

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Allen Milcic
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Branimir Altgayer [Altgaier]

Post by Allen Milcic » 08 Oct 2003 14:42

Attention: Mr. David Thompson

Here is a more in-depth biography of Branimir Altgaier [also spelled 'Altgayer' in some instances]:

Born November 8, 1897 in Przekopane, Galicia;
Executed May 15, 1950 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Moved from Galicia to Slavonia (Croatia) as young child, completed highschool in Osijek (Croatia) and the Austro-Hungarian Cavalry School in Bela Crkva. Officer in the Austro-Hungarian army from 1915 till the end of WW1. Served as a Captain in the army of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes until 1922. Very active in the cultural and political life of the German minority in Croatia/Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later re-named Yugoslavia). One of the leaders of the radical section of the German Kulturbund (political organization of the German minority). In 1939 he joins the HSS (Hrvatska Seljacka Stranka - Croatian Peasant Party; the most powerful political party in Croatia between WW1 and WW2). Upon declaration of the founding of the Independent State of Croatia as result of the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia, he is named the leader of the German National Group (Volksgruppenfuhrer) within Croatia. As of January 11, 1943 he attains the position of State Secretary of the government of the Independent State of Croatia, and is promoted to the rank of full Colonel of the Ustasa Movement, as well as receiving the honourary title of "Vitez" (Knight). From May to August 1943 he is sent as an observer to the Eastern Front, and upon his return he orders the full mobilization of all German citizens of the Independent State of Croatia. In early 1944 he begins organizing the moving of German-Croatians into the territory of the Reich. He also organized the armed units of the German minority (some of which served in the armed forces of the NDH, while some were independent units within these armed forces - the latter mostly joined the "Prinz Eugen" Waffen SS Division). Also responsible for the distribution of food supplies to the civilian population of Croatia. Altgayer surrendered to the British in Austria in May of 1945, and he was promptly sent by the British into Yugoslav Communist hands. A military tribunal sentenced him to death, though on what charges is somewhat of a mistery - Altgayer was not responsible for any war crimes.

Source for some of the information: "Tko je Tko u NDH" (Who is Who in the Independent State of Croatia) - Minerva Books, Zagreb, 1997.

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 09 Oct 2003 06:51

Croat -- You have my double thanks for the biographical information.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Allen Milcic
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Siegfrid Kasche

Post by Allen Milcic » 09 Oct 2003 14:44

Mr. Thompson:

My pleasure. Please feel free to inquire about any Croatia-related WW2 personalities, I have much information available on the topic.

I believe your list may be missing the following individual:

KASCHE, Siegfrid:
Ambassador of the 3rd Reich to the NDH. Born 1903, executed in Zagreb on June 7, 1947 (extradited by the British to Yugoslavia upon his arrest in Austria).

Kind regards from Canada.

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 09 Oct 2003 15:23

Croat -- Thanks for the Kasche correction. You are absolutely right. His name is missing, and I don't know how I left him off either, since he was on my master list. Here's what I have on him:

Kasche, Siegfried (1903-18.6.1947) [SA-Obergruppenführer] – joined NSDAP 1926; deputy Gauleiter (Stellvertreter Gauleiter), Gau Ostmark 1926-1931; Reichstag deputy for Frankfurt-am-Oder (Mitglied des Reichstages [Wahlkreis Frankfurt/Oder]) 1930-1945; Leader of SA Group "Ostmark (Führer SA-Gruppe "Ostmark") 1932; Leader of SA Main Group III (Führer SA-Obergruppe III) 1934-1936; Representative of the SA for New Farm Settlement and Racial Questions (Beauftragter der SA für Neubauernsiedlung und Volkstumsfragen) 1936-1941; Leader, SA Group "Hansa" (Führer, SA-Gruppe "Hansa") 1937-1941; German Minister (Gesandter) to Croatia 20 Apr 1941-1945; German Minister-Plenipotentiary to Croatia (Auerordentlicher und Bevollmächtigter Minister in Kroatien) 1943-1945 {put on trial by the Yugoslav Croat Supreme Court at Zagreb on charges of complicity in deportations and murder; convicted and sentenced to death 7 Jun 1947 (NYT 8 Jun 1947:10:2); execution announced 18 Jun 1947 (NYT 20 Jun 1947:5:5; ABR-Foreign Office; ABR-SA; History of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of War p. 523, United Nations War Crimes Commission, London: HMSO, 1948).}

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Post by Researcher » 12 Oct 2003 20:30

Does anyone have the correct date of execution for Siegfried Kasche. 18.6.1947 or 7.6. 1947


David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 13 Oct 2003 02:29

Researcher -- I think it's 18 Jun 1947, since that's when the Yugoslav government announced that Kasche had been executed. 7 Jun 1947 is the day the court sentenced him to death.

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Post by Allen Milcic » 13 Oct 2003 15:44

Hello Researcher & Mr. Thompson:

According to my information, Siegfrid Kasche was convicted on June 6th, and the execution was carried out on June 7th, 1947. It is my understanding that the execution was announced on June 18th, though the exact reason(s) for the delay are not clear - I can surmise that it was perhaps due to the large number of executions carried out in the time period of early to mid June 1947, and that the official announcements were given upon completion of the grisly work.

I will try to post a complete list of the defendants for the trials completed in early June, 1947 in Zagreb within the next few days - time permitting. I would also like to present a short bio on Kasche, as well as some information on what happened to his wife and children post war, but with my schedule right now it may be a few weeks before I do.

Kindest regards.

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Allen Milcic
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June 7, 1947 executions (Zagreb)

Post by Allen Milcic » 14 Oct 2003 17:52

The following Croatian politicians and soldiers + the German Ambassador to the Independent State of Croatia were executed on June 7, 1947:

- Vojskovodja Slavko vitez Kvaternik (Croatian Field Marshall, Minister of Croatian Home Defence);
- Dr Vladimir Kosak;
- General Miroslav Navratil (Minister of the Croatian Armed Forces 1943-1944);
- Dr Siegfried Kasche (Ambassador of the 3rd Reich to the Independent State of Croatia);
- Dr Mehmed Alajbegovic (Minister for the Reconstruction of War Ravaged Areas);
- General Ivan pl. Percevic (Office for Promotions and Decorations);
- Dr Osman Kulenovic (Vice-President of the government).

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Post by David Thompson » 15 Oct 2003 03:27

Here's what I have as an overview of all Yugoslav war crimes trials:

WWII War Crimes, Collaboration and Treason Processes in the former Yugoslavia 1944-1986

(1) Summary executions. Between Dec 1944 and May 1945, Yugoslav partisans took a number of German, Slovenian, Croat and Chetnik officers and executed them "out of hand". These persons included:
Asanovic, Bosko
Bogunovic, Brane "Vojvoda"
Borich, Francis
Delich, Nicolas
Devcich, Don
von Erdmannsdorff, Werner
Fehn, Gustav
Kalabic, Nikola
Kattner, Heinz
Mifek, Stjepan
Sabljak, Adolf
Servatzy, Vjekoslav
Stephan, Friedrich
Sulenta, Domenico
Waue, Georg

(2) Trial held at Sarajevo of Bosnian Ustasha officials, concluded c. 27 May 1945 (4 defendants sentenced to death)

(3) Trials of Croat Senior Civil and Military Officers. There appear to have been at least two of these trials in Jun 1945.

(a) Trial held before a military tribunal of the Yugoslav 2nd Army at Zagreb; concluded 6 Jun 1945
Budak, Dr. Mile (death by hanging)
Canki, Dr. Pavao (death)
Manditch (Mandic), Dr. Nikolas (death)
Rukavina, Juraj "Juco" (death)
Steinfeld, Nikola (death)
Vignjevitch, Ivan (death)

(b) Trial concluded 21 Jun 1945, location unknown
Ganljak, Adolf (death)
Metzger, Josip (death)

(c) 1945 Trial(s), date(s) and location unknown
Ajanovic, Junuz (death)
Angeli, Edgar (died in prison)
Desovic, Milan (15? years imprisonment)
Djujic, Djuro (death)
Dolacki, Franjo (died in prison)
Dollezil, Stjepan (death)
Fritz, Julije (death)
Greguric, Mirko (death)
Gruic, Djuro "Vitez" (death)
Gustovic, August (death)
Hromic, Muhamed (death)
Laxa, Vladimir "Vitez" (death)
Lukanc, Rudolf (3 years imprisonment; died in prison)
Majetic, Bogdan (death)
Markulj, Ivan (death; executed Sept 1945)
Mesic, Ademaga Dzaferbeg (death)
Metikos, Vladimir (death)
Milic, Lavoslav (20 years imprisonment)
Nardelli, Antun (death)
Nikolic, Franjo (death)
Prebeg, Viktor Ivan (death)
Sertic, Tomislav (death)
Skoliber, Slavko (death)
Slomic-Buzdon, Maja (death)
Solc or Scholz, Josip (death)
Stancer or Stanzer, Slavko "Vitez" (death)
Tomasevic, Ivan (death)
Vukovic or Vuckovic, Dr. jur. Mirko (death)

(4) Trial held at Trieste by Yugoslav People's Tribunal c. 11 Jun 1945
Gazzari, Guido

(5) Trial held at Ljubljana concluding 25 Jun 1945
Jedev, Antun (death)

(6) Provincial trials in 1945
(a) Yugoslav military court at Cetinje, Montenegro; trial concluded 11 May 1945
Radovitch, Novitca (death)

(b) Other 1945 trials, location unknown
Cerkovnik, Franz
Krishai, Peter (death; trial concluded 24 Dec 1945)

(7) Trial of Ustasha officers held by unknown Yugoslav court at unknown location, concluded 9 Apr 1946
Gvozditch, Petain (death)
Racki, Franjo (death)

(8) Trial held at Belgrade by the Military Section of the People's Supreme Court of Yugoslavia of Chetnik officers and Serbian officials on treason and collaboration charges 10 Jun-15 Jul 1946
Dinic, Tanasiye-Tasa (death by firing squad)
Dokic, Djuro (death by firing squad)
Fotic, Constantin A. (in absentia, 20 years imprisonment)
Gavrilovic, Dr. Milan (in absentia, 15 years imprisonment)
Glisic, Milos (death by firing squad)
Jonic, Dr. Velibor (death by firing squad)
Jovanovic, Dragomir "Draghi" (death by firing squad)
Jovanovic, Slobodan (in absentia, 20 years imprisonment)
Knejevic, Prof. Radoye (in absentia, 8 or 10 years imprisonment)
Knezevic, Zhivan (20 years imprisonment)
Kumanudi, Kosta (18 months imprisonment
Markovic, Lazar (6 years imprisonment)
Mihailovic, Dragolub "Draza" (death by firing squad)
Mojlovic, Stefan (20 years imprisonment)
Musicki, Kosta (death by firing squad)
Nincic, Momchilo (8 years imprisonment)
Pavlovic, Bosko (death by firing squad)
Puric, Bozidar (in absentia, 16 years imprisonment)
Radic, Radoslav-Rade (death by firing squad)
Topalovitch (Topalovic), Dr. Zivko (in absentia, 20 years imprisonment)
Vilovic, Djuro or Gjura (7 years imprisonment)
Vranyeshevitch, Slavoljub (20 years imprisonment)

(9) Trial held by 4th Yugoslav Army military court, location unknown, concluded 30 Aug 1946
Hacin, Lovro (death; executed announced 8 Sept 1946)
Krek, Dr. Miho (15 years imprisonment)
Rozman, Gregor (in absentia; 18 months imprisonment)
Rupnik, Leon (death by firing squad; execution announced 8 Sept 1946)
Vizjak, Vilko (20 years imprisonment)

(10) Croat collaboration trial at Zagreb, concluded 11 Oct 1946
Crnkovitch, Josip (11 years imprisonment)
Gulin, Pavle (death by firing squad)
Klemen, Kriso (3 years imprisonment
Kolednjak, Mikro (6 months imprisonment)
Lisak, Erik (death by hanging)
Margetic, Mamerto (13 years imprisonment)
Marinitch, Modeste (5 years imprisonment)
Maritch, Djuro (5 years imprisonment)
Pavlek, Franjo (1 year imprisonment)
Salic, Ivan (12 years imprisonment)
Shalitch, Ivan (12 years imprisonment)
Simecki, Josip (14 years imprisonment)
Stepinatz or Stepinac, Aloysius or Alojzije (16 years imprisonment)
Vidovitch, Josip (6 months imprisonment)

(11) Trial at Maribor, held in mid-Oct 1946
Jeric, _____

(12) Trial by Yugoslav court at unknown location (Sarajevo?); concluded 17 Oct 1946
Saric, _____ (in absentia)

(13) Trial of German officers at Belgrade (1st Process), concluded 23 Oct 1946 (33 defendants; 23 sentenced to death by firing squad, 10 to prison terms of 5-20 years)

(14) Trial by the Voivodina Supreme Court of Yugoslavia of Hungarian military officials for massacres at Novy Sad and Baka, concluded 31 Oct 1946 (at least 9 defendants; all sentenced to death)
Deak, Laszlo (death)
Feketehalmy-Czeydner or Fekethaimi Zeidner, Ferenc (Franz) Vitez (death by hanging)
Graszy or Grassy, Joszef (death by hanging)
Szombathyeli, Ferenc (death by firing squad)
Zoldi, Dr. Marton (death by hanging)

(15) Trial of German physicians at Belgrade, concluded 5 Nov 1946
Bock, Dr. med. Helmuth (death)
Schulz, Dr. med. Guenther (death)

(16) Trial of German police officials in Serbia held at Belgrade (2nd Process) by the Supreme Military Court of Yugoslavia, concluded 22 Dec 1946 (21 defendants, 18 sentenced to death, 2 to 20 years imprisonment, and 1 to 5 years imprisonment)
Eckert, Josef (death)
Fuchs, Wilhelm (death)
Hahn, Josef "Sepp" (death by hanging)
Helm, Hans (death)
Hesterberg, Ernst (5 years imprisonment)
Kaaserer, Richard (death)
von Meyszner, August Edler (death)
Polte, Friedrich (death)
Teichmann, Ludwig (death)
Weimann, Ernst (death)

(17) Trial held by the Yugoslav People's Court of the Dobroj district near Sarajevo, concluded 26 Dec 1946 (6 defendants)
Konstasek, Anton (death)

(18) and (19) Trials at Zagreb & Prishtina, concluded 13 Jan 1947 (42 defendants convicted; 7 sentenced to death)
Lorkovitch, Blazo (Zagreb trial, death)

(20) Trial held by unknown court at unknown location on unknown dates; 4 Ustasha members convicted and sentenced to death; executed at Belgrade 26 Jun 1947

(21) Trial held at Sarajevo, concluding c. 11 Feb 1947
Bilogranitch or Bilogrivitch, Dr. Nikola (death by firing squad)
Gutic, Viktor (death by hanging)

(22) Trial of German officers at Belgrade (4th process), concluded 16 Feb 1947
Fortner, Johann (death by hanging)
Kuebler (Kübler), Josef (death by hanging)
Loehr (Löhr), Alexander (death by firing squad)
Lontschar, Adalbert (death by hanging)
Neidholdt, Fritz (death by hanging)
Schmidthuber, August (death by hanging)
Tribukait or Tribukayt, Guenther (death by hanging)
(Note from Octavianus -- "There was apparently another accusant, one Paul Gerchard, about whom I did not been able to find much, who was taken out from this trial and was trialed separately for his crimes committed in Kragujevac in 1942.")

(23) Trial held 27 Feb-5th Mar 1947 by the Military Court of the Yugoslav 3rd Army at Belgrade (5th Process) of German occupation officials in Serbia. (12 defendants; 10 sentenced to death by firing squad)
Berg, Rudolf (death)
Boehme (Böhme), Walter (death)
Boethmer (Böthmer), Karl (death)
Firow, Walter (death)
Jostel, Adolf (death)
Kiessel, Georg (death)
Ludwig, Ernst (death)
Schulze, Langemann (death)
Tritschler, Franz (death)
Turner, Dr. Harald (death

(24) Trial held at Belgrade (6th Process) of German officers; concluded 5 Apr 1947 (9 defendants total; 7 defendants sentenced to death and 2 to 12 years imprisonment)
Gravenstein, Hans (death)
von Ludwiger, Hartwig (death)
von Oberkamp, Karl Reichsritter (death)
? Fiebig, Martin (death by hanging; executed May 1947)

7th Process Trial ("Hostage Case" Trial before an American military tribunal at Nuernberg)

(25) Trial of Chetnik officers & Serbian government officials at Belgrade, concluded 19 Apr 1947 (13 defendants convicted)

(26) Trial held at Zagreb May-Jun 1947 of Croatian government officials; 7 defendants executed 18 Jun 1947
Alajbegovic, Dr. Mehmed (death by firing squad)
Kasche, Dr. Siegfried (death by firing squad)
Kosak, Dr. Vladimir (death by firing squad)
Kulenovic, Dr. Osman Dzaferbeg (in absentia or escaped?; death by firing squad; execution announced by Yugoslav government 18 Jun 1947)
Kvaternik, Slavko (death by firing squad)
Navratil, Miroslav (death by firing squad)
Percevic, Ivan (death by firing squad)

(27) Unknown trial of Bosnian Chetnik officers by Yugoslav court at Sarajevo; concluded 8 Jun 1947
Dangich, Jezdimar (death by firing squad)
Raditch, Risto (death by firing squad)

(28) Trial held by the Military Court of the 4th Yugoslav Army at Ljubljana (10th Process) of German officers and Slovene officials; concluded 19 or 21 Jul 1947 (at least 14 defendants; 12 sentenced to death, 2 received prison terms)
Christl, Heinrich (death)
Doujack, Hermann (18 years imprisonment)
Fleckner, Hans (death)
Gerlach, Reinhard or Reinholdt (death)
Glaser, Helmut (death)
Hacin, Lovro (death; but see trial 9 above)
Hochsteiner, Walter (death)
von Hoesslin (Hößlin), Hans (death)
Hradetzky, Franz (18 years imprisonment)
Kuebler (Kübler), Ludwig (death)
Kuss, Leon (death)
Mueller, Franc (death)
Neubert, Guenther (death)
Rainer, Dr Friedrich (death)
Roesener (Rösener), Erwin (death)
Rozman, Dr Gregorij (in absentia)
Rupnik, Leon (death, but see trial 9 above)
? Stage, Kurt (death by hanging)
Vizjak, Milko (unknown prison term)
Josef Vogt (death)

(29) Trial of German officers held at Belgrade; 22-31 Oct 1947 (at least 5 defendants sentenced to death)
Behrends, Dr. jur. Hermann (death by firing squad)
Danckelmann, Heinrich (death)
Neuhausen, Franz (20 years imprisonment)
Pfeiffert, _____

(30) Trial in northern Serbia of Hungarian occupation officials; concluded 17 Dec 1947 (6 Hungarian defendants sentenced to death)

(31) Trial of Chetnik leader by a Serbian regional court; concluded 27 Dec 1947
Karanovitch, Branko (death)

(32) Trial held by a Yugoslav military tribunal at Ljubljana for war crimes and espionage; concluded Apr-May 1948
Baric or Barie, Karle (death by firing squad)
Diehl, Branko (death by firing squad)
Gasser, Paul (death)
Hahn, Hildegard (death; commuted to life imprisonment)
Krajnc, Boris (death by firing squad)
Oswald, Stane (death)
Presterl, Martin (death)

(33) Trial by unknown Yugoslav court at unknown location on unknown date; defendant executed 22 May 1948.
Kuehne (Kühne), Gerhard (death by firing squad)

(34) Trial of Ustasha officers at Zagreb; trial concluded 27 Aug 1948 (at least 55 defendants; 43 sentenced to death, 12 to prison terms; all 43 executed 12 Sept 1948)
Kavran, Bozidar (death)
Milos, Ljubo (death)
Soklic, Janko (death)

(35) Trial at Skoplje of Bulgarian occupation officials; concluded 25 Nov 1948 (at least 10 defendants; 3 sentenced to death and 7 to prison)
Bogdanov, Asen (death by hanging)

(36) Trial at Zrenjanin; concluded 3 Dec 1948
Heim, Karl (death by firing squad)
Spieler, Julius (death by hanging)

(37) Unknown Croat collaboration trial at unknown location in 1948
Cule, Petar (7 years imprisonment?)
Kren, Vladimir "Vlado" (death by firing squad)

(38) Trial held by a Yugoslav People's Tribunal at unknown location; concluded 16 Aug 1949
Antic, Milan (15 years imprisonment)
Gregoric, Danilo (18 years imprisonment)
Perovic, Dr. Ivo (11 years imprisonment)
Stankovic, Dr. Radenko (12 years imprisonment)

(39) Unknown trial at unknown location 1949
Cus, Oton (death)

(40) Trial held at Zagreb; concluded 28 Jan 1950
Altgaier, Branamir (death by firing squad)

(41) Trial of Ustase participant in 1941 massacre, held by an unknown Yugoslav court at unknown location; trial concluded 20 Oct 1954
Herman, Rev. Marjan (death by hanging)

(42) Trial by Yugoslav court at unknown location; concluded 23 Jun 1958
Tomic, Milos (death)

(43) Trial held at Belgrade Apr-14 May 1986
Artukovic, Dr. jur. Andrija (death; died in custody awaiting execution)

(44) Yugoslav trials at unknown places on unknown dates
Benak, Aleksander (death)
Cokan, France (death)
Desovic, Milan (15 years imprisonment?)
Djurovic, Djura (term of imprisonment prior to 1953)
Dolacki, Franjo (term of imprisonment prior to 1950; died in prison)
Dolinsek, Franjo
Fiebig, Martin (death; executed 5 May 1947)
Fischer, Adolf (death; executed 23 Oct 1947)
Fischer, Theodor (death)
Lukic, Mihajlo (10 years imprisonment)
Martinjak, Ing. Izidor (death)
May, Andreas (death)
Moskov, Ante "Vitez"
Neubacher, Hermann (20 years imprisonment; amnestied after 7)
Sinkovec, Drago (death)
Stare, Dr. Egon (death)
Strohmaier, Hubert (death; executed 1947)
Wagner, Jürgen (death; executed 5 Apr 1947)
Wurster, Eugen (death; executed 1948)
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Post by Allen Milcic » 15 Oct 2003 16:04

Hello Mr. Thompson:

A few minor comments on your list:

- under (1), it is my understanding that Cetnik Vojvoda Nikola Kalabic, close friend and collaborator of Ravna Gora Cetnik leader Draza Mihajlovic, was captured by the Yugoslav secret police some time post war - possibly 1946. It was his cooperation that assisted the Communists in capturing Draza Mihajlovic and his Cetnik remnants, though the exact timing of the capture evades my memory. Kalabic's ultimate fate is unknown to me, though I am certain he was not executed in 1945;

- Lavoslav Milic is listed under both (2)(c) and (44). I will provide you with his exact fate once I check my files;

- For (26), my information shows that Kasche, Kvaternik et al were executed on June 7, 1947, and that the executions were officially announced on June 18, 1947. There are unconfirmed rumours that Slavko Kvaternik may have been beaten to death the night before his execution.

I will try and confirm some of the other information you have posted relating to the fate of the other Croatian soldiers and politicians.

Kind regards from Canada.

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 15 Oct 2003 16:24

Croat -- I'd appreciate any information which you could bring to this obscure (to English-speaking westerners, anyway) topic. I'll adjust the above overview accordingly, starting with Milic. If you could give references for your information, I'd be delighted to add them to my master list.

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