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Discussions on the Holocaust and 20th Century War Crimes. Note that Holocaust denial is not allowed. Hosted by David Thompson.
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Post by Peter H » 16 Aug 2004 11:06

Refer to the guidelines on atrocity photos,here,as per David Thompson:


Atrocity photographs are not specifically covered in the forum rules. The policy here is, if the photos are "graphic," the contributor should post a link to the photographs, rather than the photographs themselves, so that the other viewers have a choice as to whether or not to take a look.

That leaves us with the question of what is "graphic." This is apparently discretionary with the moderator/host. Here's my view on it:

I don't care who is supposed to have committed the atrocities in the photographs. Whether the subject matter is Nazi, communist, ethnic, regional, racial, religious or any other type of atrocity, links and descriptions should be posted for the following classes of photographs and illustrations:

(1) Mutilated persons, alive or dead;

(2) Severed body parts, insufficient in themselves to constitute a person; and

(3) Dead persons who are not only dead, but who clearly appear to be the worse for wear.

There are specialty sites which cater to necro-voyeurs, but this isn't one of them. In case of doubt, ask first via private message.

Also what does Japanese mean?

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Post by iceagle » 16 Aug 2004 13:27

Ok.I'm getting to know the rules of this forum.But this forum is really good.
But in the forums of China,we post photos directly.There is some cutural difference.

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