Ustachas vs Chetniks

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Post by Sokol » 11 Jul 2003 19:18

To Krilnik: It's not a threat, it's fact.

Marcus, I can't drop the tone, but I can drop the thread. There's too much bad blood between us and the Croats to even put on a show of friendliness. When our reckoning comes, and only one people walks away, then Westerners will never have to worry about petty Balkan states bickering, ever again.


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Re: Ustachas vs Chetniks

Post by Kalcik » 25 Oct 2019 21:53

Reply Chetnik

" In one case, an American pilot was downed by the Germans, and the local villagers hid him, and the Nazis came and said we know he's hiding here, give him up. But the villagers wouldn't and so several civilians were executed. The pilot survived and went home."

I'm only 17 years late to this conversation, but if any one can tell me more that would be great. My grandfather's uncle and brothers were hung at their local Catholic church from hiding this pilot. And you're correct to say several, as according to my grandfather Stanley Kalcic there were 7 that were killed. My grandfather died in the late 1980's and really would not talk about these things. I am trying to find more information on what village in Slovenia did this happen and are there any accounts on this history in English that I could read. I've been told there is a small monument on a hill (as my grandfather called them) as a tribute to the family. I would love to know the first names of my uncles and my great uncle. My grandfather and his sister (Helen) were the only 2 children to make it to the US sometime before 1920.

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