SD in Lithuania

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SD in Lithuania

Post by Michael Gaspar » 01 Aug 2022 12:32

Is there a list of people who worked for the SD in Lithuania?

I am seeking information about Bronislav Schroeders (aka Bronius Sredersas) who is known to have been employed by the SD in Kauen (Kovno, Kaunas) in 1943.

Any information greatly appreciated.

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Re: SD in Lithuania

Post by steve248 » 01 Aug 2022 18:09

Knut Stang seems to be only historian who wrote about a (the?) pro German Lithuanian unit (the TDA Bataillon). His book "Kollaboration und Massenmord. Die litauische Hilfspolizei, das Rollkommando Hamann und die Ermordung der litauischen Juden" published back in 1996 in German. No English translation. He lists almost 1000 Lithuanian members of the TDA Bataillon your guy is not mentioned.

Wolfgang Benz & Marion Neiss (eds.) published "Judenmord in Litauen. Studien und Dokumente" in 1999 in German. Papers from Michael MacQueen who has a reputation for research into the Lithuanian "collaborators" primarily those who went to the US after the war. Possibly retired now but I always found him friendly to approach.

Another paper was by Jürgen Matthäus of USHMM and Washington DC and still with them.
Jürgen probably knows more than most and again approachable.

In your part of the world, Konrad Kwiet has written somewhere about Lithuania. He must be retired; he taught at a university Sydney, Melbourne or similar.

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