SS-Ostuf d.Res. Dr. Herbert Graeff

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SS-Ostuf d.Res. Dr. Herbert Graeff

Post by Puck » 04 Aug 2022 14:20


I have three sources about Herbert Graeff. I believe all of them describe the same man ...

*05.10.1913 Mannheim
SS #200137
NSDAP #4028808
09.11.1943 SS-Ostuf d.Res.

1941-1942 Lagerarzt in KL Natzweiler
1942-1942 Lagerarzt in KL Majdanek
1942 in 2.SS-Pz.Div "Das Reich"
05.08.1944 KIA
R70/673 #0193 (Bundesarchiv)
22.05.1942-00.07.1942 KdS Warschau - vertrw. Leitender Arzt (as SS-Ustuf d.Res.)
this might fit the above informations
Reel 45 Crowcass Detention Lists 1-10 #0728
Graeff, Herbert.jpg
about Camp Forrest Tenn (Tullahoma, Tennesee) I found
December 1945 - Camp Forrest Hospital Center (prisoner of war) is slated to close December 15, 1945
So Herbert Graeff (or Gräff) possibly didn't die on 05.08.1944 but went in US-captivity?
It's difficult to find any postwar informations about him.

Any comments or additions?

Regards Puck
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Re: SS-Ostuf d.Res. Dr. Herbert Graeff

Post by danyb » 10 Aug 2022 12:05

hi Puck !

i don't have an Herbert Graefe put on trial by French Authorities after the war.

but , i have this other Graefe:

GRAEFE Helmut Erich
born 20.04.1911 in Nuremberg
involved in medical experiments in KL Natzweiler-Struthof.
died 28.06.1952 in Hambourg.

case dimissed (trial against Otto Bikenbach et al).

Best Regards

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