remarks on Anne Franks Betrayer......

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remarks on Anne Franks Betrayer......

Post by LAstryAGAIN » 10 Apr 2023 22:27

The only person who knew the identity of the betrayer was SS Lt Julius Dettmann
According to Karl Silberbauer Dettmann remarked that the Anne Frank call had come from "a reliable source".
As Sherlock Holmes would say--Severel Inferences from this remark:
1]The Bertayer was apparently a resident of Amsterdam where Dittman was stationed
2]The betrayer was no amateur but had betrayed Jews to Dettman for Years possibly from 1940-1944 and hence became "a reliable source".
3] The betrayer may have had a occupation that allowed [whoever they were] to observe potential hiding places of Jewish refugees so that whoever it was became familier with the Jewish refugees hideouts to tell exactly where they were hidden {The Franks hidding in the warehouse upper rooms behind a bookcase)

The answer I have not..but I leave taht to professional researchers..... :idea: :thumbsup:

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Re: remarks on Anne Franks Betrayer......

Post by Manisoa » 19 Apr 2023 07:41

The traitor may have had a job that gave them access to areas where Jewish refugees would hide, allowing them to learn the layout of these areas and eventually provide their precise locations.
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Re: remarks on Anne Franks Betrayer......

Post by steve248 » 21 Apr 2023 17:59

I see the Dutch are releasing their files on collaboration so maybe an answer may be forthcoming from researchers.

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Re: remarks on Anne Franks Betrayer......

Post by COmentator » 09 Feb 2024 14:51

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