Unknown SS unit in Poland

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Unknown SS unit in Poland

Post by Carlus » 29 Apr 2023 17:20

Hello everyone
I was reading some encyclopedias of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe (Polish Generalgovernment in particoular) and I found an interesting fact: after Polizei troops even some unit of the Waffen SS was deployed to fulfill tasks as rounds up, arrests, killings and deportations to Death camps.

According to the Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of ghettos and camps during the Aktion in Otwock near Warsaw "an SS company" (sic.) was used alongside other forces to comb the ghetto. Also the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia states that in Otwock ghetto there were "SS troops"(sic).

Does anyone know who were these troops from the SS?
Which unit, corp or batallion? I myself believe they could be soldiers from the SS Kavallerie Ausbildung und Ersatz Abteilung from Warsaw (this formation indeed was later deployed twice in the Warsaw ghetto) but not sure of that.
Any idea? Ever found anything on the topic?

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